Thursday, August 23, 2012

The open bite is back!!

Look at this!!
The open bite is back!!! yayyy

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last official adjustment before surgical hooks

Hey guys,
I went to the ortho today for an adjustment and heres how it went.
My usual ortho Dr G was not in so I saw Dr D. I had to go over some of the issues regarding my bite so we were on the same page. Good news is he agreed that I don't need to wear that stupid elastic. That makes me very very happy.

He said my bite is at 2.5 mm open which is an improvement and that we should be over 3 mm by my next appointment. I'll be going in in 4 weeks time to have the surgical hooks put on. I'll have to wear them for almost 3 weeks before surgery, ughh.

I have all my appointments set up and it looks like sept will be very busy.

I sort of can't believe its actually happening. I was starting to get really scared but now I'm feeling that excitement again. Thanks Nathaniel for that great update. We have the same surgeon and ortho. His surgery was this past friday and everything sounds like it went well. Very reassuring.
Nathaniel's Blog

Not much is really changing with my teeth but I do feel a lot of pressure today which is good news.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Less than 7 weeks to go plus summer fun

Hey guys!!
So I just wanted to make a little update. 
My teeth haven't been moving any more which I guess is alright because I have an adjustment in 2 days. I was staying downtown this weekend for my 3 year anniversary with the BF. 
Toronto is such a beautiful city but although living here its hard to find the time to enjoy it. 
I posted some pictures from this weekend. I feel like I am becoming more at peace with my jaw issues but I still feel very stressed by the upcoming surgery. My bf has been there through it all. My jaw pain started to get really bad the first year of our relationship. I'm sure he remembers lots of headaches, ice packs, pain killers, and complaining. Deciding to get braces again was very hard for me as it is for many adults. We have faced our ups and downs but I'm happy to know that he is here through all of this, and I look forward to a jaw issue free future!!!

The surgery is less than 7 weeks away. I just need to book my final appointments and I'm sure it will be here before we know it. I took some videos this weekend that I will try to get around to uploading soon. 

Hope everyone is doing great! 


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fido Casting Call 2 VOTE FOR POOKIE

Fido Casting Call 2 VOTE FOR POOKIE


Hello loyal readers. I entered my little Pookie in a contest with Fido for a chance for him to be in a Fido ad. Please vote for him as for each vote Fido will donate money to help dogs.
Thanks guys