Saturday, September 29, 2012

5 day 12 hours to go

Thought I'd share this picture of douchebag braces

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pre Op Jaw surgery appointment (10 days to surgery)

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I will be adding to this list as I purchase supplies. 
I bought a few more things I haven't photographed yet like a white board, baby spoons, sippy cups, and more wet wipes. I'll try to update soon with this list completed. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Called my Surgeon Office

So this morning I called the lovely coordinator at my surgeons office. She has been really great with keeping me informed and guiding me towards having everything done in time for surgery.
I spoke with her about my issues with my bite and my issues with the orthodontist.

She called my surgeon and he told her that I shouldn't worry because he will do the surgery regardless. I guess my ortho told him they think I am surgery ready. I really hope this is the case as they said the same thing half a year ago and then I get told by my surgeon that my bite isn't open enough.

Well I have his word now so I'm going to leave it at that and see what happens on Monday.
I do find it a bit strange that they send me in so far in advance to have my surgical hooks put on and so far in advance to see the surgeon for my pre surgical. To those of you having surgery how far in advance are you getting your hooks?

Good new is the hospital got all my papers.

I'm a little worried about the IV for surgery and being alone in the room. I really hope they let someone come in with me for that as I am so not good with needles. I'd like to stay conscious until they actually have to knock me out.

Oh the joys. At least I will have lots of family there to fuss over me and make sure I have whatever it is that I need.

I have sort of mentally been avoiding the thought of my face changing after surgery. I guess I don't want to set myself up for picturing something that isn't accurate (like the horrible digital imaging the surgeons do). I'm going to try to clean up some more today and finish getting things ready for my mom.  I'm also going to head back to the bank to sign for my student line of credit for January. I have to have it approved by October, otherwise I will start getting charged payments as if I am out of school.

I really had no idea I would be doing this much running around so close to surgery but it seems like there are so many things I need to have done in order to have this surgery.

On an unrelated note, I dislocated my knee yesterday. I have a bad habit of sitting with my leg crossed under me. I felt a pain in my knee and I went to straighten it and I felt it shift in and out of the socket. Okay I know I get this issue with my jaw but this knee what probably on my top 5 most painful experiences. It's still very sore today but at least my clumsiness is occurring far before surgery and not leaving me disabled on surgery day.

I also have to remind Sean to fill out his passport papers. I don't think he realizes that if they call me as a guarantor and I am post surgery I won't be able to verify his age, or occupation very easily. His damn bird bit a hole through his passport, of course after I already got our plane tickets and our visas for Australia. Unfortunately I couldn't get a flight through LA. The issue was that if I book through an american airline of any sort I wouldn't have cancellation. I booked with Air Canada and I have cancellation that will only deduct $200 per direction. This flight being so close after surgery I didn't want to risk us losing over $4000 in the case that I have to stay back for any medical reason.

I'll be updating my supply list later with some new pictures.

Hope everyone is well, and I'm so excited for those of you who have recently had surgery and those of you having surgery in the near future. I feel like we are the next wave of jaw surgeries!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Got my surgical hooks

I'm exhausted but wanted to post this. I'll try to update tomorrow

Sunday, September 16, 2012

18 days

I just wanted to say that I can't wait to say goodbye to that thing in the picture below. 
I think I will cry tears of joy to be rid of my horrible side profile. My convex chin and my retrognathic upper jaw. GOODBYE!!!!!
Oh and I am getting my surgical hooks on tuesday which is tomorrow. 
The end. 

Video update!

Monday, September 10, 2012

24 Days to go (facing my fears)

Great I lost my whole post. 
Anyway today I saw my doctor for my pre surgery appointment. 
She did her usual checkup stuff and sent me off to the lab.
I got my blood work done!!! 
Honestly it was my biggest fear for this whole procedure. I know I'll have an IV soon but I think I'll be so excited to have the surgery that day that I won't care.
Since I survived my vaccine and my blood work this past week I am allowing myself to have a lazy day in bed with my doggies. You deserve one too!!!

Thanks everyone for reading my blog. It really motivates me to keep my head up and look on the brighter side of things. 


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In the 20's

Week 1 isn't over yet but I managed to get everything done that I needed to.

I renewed my passport and that was good enough for me for one day.
I was at Sean's house afterwards and he got home early and was like "lets go get your tetanus shot!"
I really didn't want to but I went.
Surprisingly I didn't feel the needle at all.

My passport will be ready in about 2 weeks so I'll have to see if I can book my flight beforehand.

29 Days!!! Yep made it to the 20's
I seriously need to start buying stuff for recovery though. Those of you with surgery in the near future, let me know what you're buying for surgery. I'm thinking of stocking up on frozen veggies for smoothies as well.

I'll update next week after I cross those things off the list.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

31 days to go!

Hello bloggers and readers,

So the surgery is actually coming up. I checked last night before bed and it said 31 days!!!
I think once I break into the 20's I'm going to start crying myself to sleep.
This month is going to be busy from start to end. I want to share my timeline with all of yous so we can compare what its like pre jaw surgery and to see how differently different surgeons might lay out their timelines.


Week 1: 

  • Tetanus shot -  yes I'm overdue and avoiding this but I have to face my fears. I was suppose to go today but my aunts car battery is dead so I let her take my car to work. Sean will be fixing her car later so I guess I'm running out of excuses. 
  • Renew passport -  I will be booking my ticket to Australia but my passport is expiring in March, so I won't be able to use it in December
Week 2:
  • Pre Surgical Physical -  I'll be going to see Dr H for this and she will send my forms to the hospital as far as I'm concerned. 
  • Bloodwork -  YUCK! Oh well. I'm going to have to suck it up once again and get it over with (hopefully without fainting, crying, screaming, swearing, or punching anyone.)
  • Dentist Appointment -  Cleaning time!!! Yay! This I'm excited for. 
Week 3: 
  • Orthodontist Appointment - I'll be getting my surgical hooks on! Yayyyy! Hopefully everything goes well. 
  • GOING TO MONTREAL -  My best friend moved to the province next door and I miss her too much to not go see her before the big day. I'll probably only be gone for a few days as I have a lot of stuff to get done over here before the surgery. I've never been to Montreal. Depending on the weather I might drive but I'll probably take the bus or train so I can do some reading on the way.
Week 4: 
  • Surgeon Appointment - I will have my pre surgical appointment with the surgeon the week before surgery. I seriously hope he's happy with everything because there is no way I went through all those appointments for nada. Anyway my ortho and his colleagues reassure me that I will be fine for surgery, but they said the same thing last time. Meh!
Week 5: 
  • Mom arrives -  My mom will be flying in from Australia to be here for the surgery and to help me with the recovery. I can't wait!!!!
  • SURGERY DAY - October 5th will be the big day! 

Well there is the timeline. I'm going to be running around this month looking for recovery stuff as well. Not sure where to even start. 
My birthday is on October 9th and I'll be so happy to have my family there for my fat faced bday clear liquid party. I'll be in the hospital for 3 days and I'm sure I won't be bored between having my mom back, having visitors, and being drugged up. 

This past year has been a whirlwind of emotions, adjusting, growing up, and adapting. 
A year ago was probably the worst of it. I think I became really depressed with dealing with my jaw, getting used to the idea of surgery, going through rough patches at home and also in my relationship. It really proved to me who is there for me and who isn't. I now see the friends who were always accommodating when I needed someone, and the friends that just couldn't make the time to even hear me out, let alone make the time to see me. It still hurts to know that people I've known for years didn't turn out to be the people I thought they would, and that they can so easily become a completely different person behind your back. I feel such an appreciation towards the people that really do care that I want to spend time with them during this process and they know that. 

Challenges in life have their hard moments but they make you come out so much wiser. 
I'm grateful for those people who really care. I'm grateful for all of you as well who read my blog and watch my videos, who share your experiences and give us all something to relate to. 

Thank you,