Sunday, September 23, 2012


I will be adding to this list as I purchase supplies. 
I bought a few more things I haven't photographed yet like a white board, baby spoons, sippy cups, and more wet wipes. I'll try to update soon with this list completed. 


  1. I gotta be honest, I don't think you are ready!

  2. I am two days post op and the only things I haven't used are sippy cups and toddle spoons. Aquaphor has been amazing for my lips and cheeks.

  3. Hey,
    Where did you get the Go Go squeeze??? I can't find them at my grocery store! Also, out of all the squeezable apple sauce you have, which one tastes the best? lol

    1. funny thing, a lot of the stuff I found in squeeze packets was in the baby section of the grocery store. I noticed walmart has a big section of baby food with a lot of different squeeze pouches. I think out of all of them I preferred just the ordinary apple sauce. But my taste buds were super sensitive after surgery so most new tastes were just too strong.