Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 4 After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Hey everyone!
So it is day 4! I had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday morning and it is now Monday afternoon. I wanted to let everyone know that it all went great and that I didn't have any pain.

the first day went by pretty quick, I just had a lot of liquids and sat around a whole lot. I ended up getting my booster juice that I wanted. My lovely boyfriend brought it over. I have been sleeping really well also.

The next day it was beautiful outside and I couldn't stand being indoors any longer. We went to a farmers market and spent some time outside. It was really nice. Everyone was out gardening at my house and I started to do a little but ended up getting tired really fast so I stayed on the couch and watched some tv.

I will be on antibiotics until friday and I stopped taking painkillers. I don't know if I even needed the painkillers at all, I haven't had any pain. The only thing I can somewhat complain about is that I can't open my mouth very wide. It doesn't matter much as I'm not chewing foods yet but every time I yawn it sort of won't open.

I have chosen to stay on liquids for most of this first week because I really don't want to get food lodged into the extraction sites. My bottom ones were not stitched and they look like big dark holes so I am trying to keep them clean. Since that is the area my surgeon will be cutting through when I have jaw surgery, I want to make sure it heals as well as possible.

I was giving a very large container filled with chocolate covered raisins the night before my surgery but unfortunately I haven't been able to enjoy them since I was fasting the night before and now I can't chew :( Despite this, they are depleting so I'm guessing my brother has been the lucky one enjoying them. He also went a bought 4 bags of chips yesterday and has been crunching on delicious kettle chips all weekend as I consume my liquids and mushy stuff.

Really looking forward to my holes closing up! They said I could start flushing them after a week so I still have a few days of being super careful.

Hope everyone is doing well and I can't even start to say how excited I am about jaw surgery.
I'm 6 months I will be allowed to book my surgery as long as my bones reform where the teeth were pulled. I was giving 18 months in braces when I got them put on so now I am down to 17 months! Everything is happening so fast.

Hope everyone has a great week and happy Victoria Day to any Canadian readers :)


  1. Terra, today I bought a bag of dark chocolate covered raisins for my boyfriend, and I too am devestated as I continue to consume liquids and food the consistency of baby food... Sigh... Doc says I could be chewing in 2 weeks! So fast! So glad your wisdom teeth removal has gone so well. Good practice for the main event. I can tell you, it creeps on you like you wouldn't believe! :p

  2. Glad to hear you are doing great Terra, haha and nice wisdom teeth you have there
    I was lucky that I only had 3 wisdom teeth pulled, apparently the 4th was non-existent and never grew :)

    Yay! one step further on the road to a perfect bite :)

  3. Hey Terra, I'm glad to see all is well! :) Congratulations and I'm happy to see you're looking forward to the next step! We'll talk soon!

  4. I'm so glad your wisdom teeth extraction went well!!!

  5. it takes great courage to bear the pain and suffering one has to go with a wisdom teeth and during the teeth extraction process. i just pray to god that you have a speedy recovery and thanks for sharing such a experience with us.

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  8. I had my wisdom tooth removed a couple of months ago. The tooth extraction wasn't exactly painful, the fact that I was holding my mouth open for so long watching the dentist use all sorts of metal things to get the tooth out that made the whole experience very challenging.

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