Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jaw Surgery Roundup (Before and After)

Dear Readers,

First off I want to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog, who messages me, who added me on facebook (send me a fb message if you're adding me to let me know you're a jaw buddy) and to everyone who has been blogging. Without you guys I don't know how I would have gotten through this.

I am happy to say I am almost 8 weeks post op. I had an appointment with my surgeon today and first I will update on that...

He took a look at everything and he said that I still have a lot of tightness in my lower gumline which is impairing some of my movement and probably some of my feeling. He told me to eat spicy food, chew cinnamon gum, and keep making kissy faces, he said all those things help stimulate the sensory nerves and bring feeling back. He also wants me pushing my tongue down behind my lower lip to stretch it. I'm also allowed to massage my chin to help get feeling back. Otherwise he said everything is looking good. I still have more swelling on the left side than on the right. I picked up my xrays today to send to the insurance company. It's amazing to see how different my face is and all the screws. I have 26 screws and 5 plates. I can feel one of the screws just under my eye.

Clearly the after picture is a little closer but you can also see how narrow my nose used to be. Now my nose looks huge in comparison. 

My nose is straighter now though. I don't have as much of a dorsal which is nice. It also doesn't droop as much. 

Here you can see that my chin is shorter and its more square than pointy.  

Overall I feel like I look really different when I look in the mirror.
Personally I think I could live with what the surgery has done to my nose but I'll probably change it.
I've never had to think about making my nose narrower before because it was so narrow but I'll probably take it in a little and have the bone shaved off and broken to give a softer side profile and to get rid of the dorsal. I'm still adjusting to the new chin. I do miss my pointy chin but I appreciate the more feminine chin. I think I look less manly now lol

I know it makes no sense that I have these issues with my nose, but we've just never been good friends.
I can't wait to get these braces off as I can't wait to whiten my teeth. My pre braces pictures show me with a glowing white smile, and after 2 years in braces and jaw surgery that smile is not so white anymore.

My surgeon says my bite looks really great and that he usually allows braces to be removed from 4 months and on after surgery. Well I'm going to see him in February and that is 4 months post op so I might get the okay to have my orthodontist remove the braces!!

I mean I do love my braces, we've been through a lot together and they have really changed my smile, but I can't wait to look like an adult again.

Well we're leaving for Australia on Sunday so I'm hoping to do an update video before that. I'll try to update while I am away. I'll be gone for almost a month so hopefully by the time I return the remaining swelling will be gone.

I'm starting to be able to make faces again. Although it hurt a lot to make this one.


  1. You are so beautiful Terra! Your blogs have helped me out so much in the lead up to my surgery (in 2 weeks eeek!) so thank you!! I hope my results are as amazing as yours :)

    1. So how are you recovering??? braces off yet?!

  2. Hi Terra, I'm surprised you're not happy with your post-surgery nose, I think it looks really good! I have a lot of similarities with you... I can feel the screw under my eye, I have more swelling on my left side, and I might be getting my braces off in January/February! However there's one thing I'm definitely different to you on... I can't say I love my braces!

  3. Hi Terra, congrats with your surgery, you look great. Personally, I like the way your nose looks. Have you though about acupuncture to help stimulate the nerves and reduce the swelling? Years ago I had a problem with my shoulder blade.. a paralysed nerve. Did everything including months of physiotherapy... and Doc said if physio did not work that would be it.. learn to live with it - well he didn't care much anyway, but my mum did, and even though years passed she asked me to try acupuncture... a few sessions and the nerve reacted to treatment and no more pain - before I wasn't able to rise my arm, write for too long and I was in university so it was hard. Now no more issues :). I recently started doing acupuncture again for my back, due to my breast size, and again my Doc doesn't refer me for a breast reduction. It has helped me a lot. I asked yesterday my acupuncturist if I could do it too after my jaw surgery and she said that would help recovery of the nerves. I also read in another blog that taking Vitamin B12 Bilingual tablets may help too... 3 months after this blogger surgery she regained all feeling, and she only started taking it 1 month after surgery. Well, it does not hurt to try. On another note, I would like to say something else... something that has helped me accepting some things are not meant to be and move on...

    Sometimes, leaving behind someone is leaving behind a piece of yourself. So it is not easy for you, or anyone else. While we don't get over it, life carries on. Terra, sometimes it happens that the movie is not meant to have a sequel. It just ends. And we need to accept it. Basically "You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last one".

    Wishing you the best.


  4. I think features, especially your nose, make you look softer and more feminine. It all sits together very nicely.

  5. Awww your blogs has helped me so much. Especially with preparing. I have my double jaw surgery on Wednesday. (Dec 5th 2012) I'm actually very excited.

  6. I think your nose looks better after the surgery honestly.

  7. I think the width of your nose is in perfect proportion- no narrowing required! I understand the tip thing though and might want to do the same to mine. What are your tips for teeth whitening? I am hoping to have my braces off in a few weeks and want my teeth to look that good! You look BEAUTIFUL!

  8. I think your nose looks good! I'm sure you know, but wait a while... looking back at pictures, it took my swelling around 5-6 months to finally even out. Have fun in Australia!

  9. hi who is your orthodontist and oral surgeon.

  10. I just spent the last few hours reading your entire blog and had to comment! You look incredible and I'm so happy for you that everything eventually worked out so well. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Terra, how does your face feel these days? do you feel any aches/pains/tingles in your face? I'm looking forward to your next youtube vid.

  12. I have the exact same issue as you did with both an open bite and underbite. My surgery is in a month but seeing the results of yours is making me less nervous as you look so gorgeous!