Friday, May 31, 2013

Month of May Update

Hey everyone!!

Okay so I wanted to update on a few things before I go and study again.
I've been really busy lately and have wanted to do a video update but no can do.
I look like a hot mess because I literally roll out of bed and study and do that for about 12-14 hours and then try to sleep and do the same thing again.
I had a final last weekend and I'm studying for midterms now so yeah. My terms sort of overlapped and I'm drowning in work but happy to say that I somehow passed the worst course every. I have this accounting requirement for my designation and my honours that has the worst profs ever. This course has so much content and I was just dying. Anyway it's over, I'm so proud even though it's the lowest grade I've ever gotten. I needed to get a C for CMA to accept the course and f it, I'm not taking that course over.

Anyway I saw my surgeon.
All went pretty well. He said my bite looks great and he's happy with the healing.
I asked him about my butt scar. I had a needle at the hospital that left this crater on my butt and I wanted to ask him about it. Anyway he's not 100% sure but said I should talk to my family doctor and see a dermatologist if I want. So I'll be seeing my family doctor on monday. She hasn't seen me since the surgery.

I also told him how I go through weeks of really bad TMJ pain. He said for this I need to give myself a week off. So I have to do a week of no chew, take advil during the day and robax at night. He said to do this for a week so it can have a chance to settle.

Otherwise everything is A ok!

I have an ortho appointment in a couple weeks and I will do a nice decent happy update at that time. First I have 3 midterms. Ugh gotta love how I have to get through the midterms to finally see my ortho.
Anyway I'm pretty happy with all this.

Nighty night!!


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cha cha cha Changesssss

Sorry I haven't updated.
I am a bad bad blogger!!!!

Anyway I'll do a big super update soon.
Just wanted to tell everyone I'm still alive.
My dogs got shaved.
I'm writing exams again
as per usual

I'm seeing my surgeon on monday!!!

I'll update next week


Friday, May 10, 2013

Life 7 months later

Hey all,

So it's over 7 months past the big surgery day.
I have to admit that I couldn't be happier with my decision.
I finally have a jaw that I love!
I can look at myself in the mirror now with no makeup from any angle and I look normal!

I don't think this surgery has made me look perfect or beautiful, but I think it's helped me fit in. It's helped me feel like I don't have a deformity and that I no longer have to explain a speech impediment or  any of the other issues I had to live with for so long.

At this point I am waiting for the metal to come off but I just don't get my hopes up as nothing moves fast with this process. Someday it will be nothing but a faint memory.

I just want to send out a thank you to so many of the people out there who have been so kind to share their stories and to keep in touch throughout this process. I think the best way to reach me regarding this surgery is through facebook as I check those messages most often. Please feel free to add me or message me on facebook to talk about jaw surgery or share your experiences.

The reason I have been so open with my blog and staying in contact with everyone is because when I started this process I just wanted someone to talk to about it. Most blog people were very hard to reach and get a response from and I was so grateful for the people who did share and responded.

It's a little hard to stay in contact via blog comments as my phone will not let me respond, ugh!!!

Anyway I want to send out a big thank you to Suzie from metal mouth with mascara. She recently had her surgery but she has seriously been such an amazing person throughout this whole process.
We've been in contact for a long time now and I am so grateful to have made such an amazing friend through this process. I think having so much in common and both dealing with jaw surgery has just made it easier for us to get through something so big.

Update on life, it has continued. I have been back in school since January although I've had issues come and go with my jaw. It was a little overwhelming to go back into school full time and still have issues with my jaw but I'm pretty good right now.

I love a Guinea

Pookie had a bath but he's smelly again. He went to the vet and a lump he developed is just a fat deposit so that is good news after Tommy had that tumour. He also gained 2 lbs and needs to go on a doggy diet. Poor Pooka

I have to upload pictures off my Nikon but it just freezes a lot and my inertia will probably keep me from getting it done.