Friday, March 1, 2013

Before and After 5 months post op

Hey all,

So I wanted to post before and after profile pictures for the last few months and I just haven't.
I took a couple pictures tonight to share with you guys.
I don't have hair and makeup or any of that going on which could possible alter the overall difference.
So here it is:

It's hard to believe that my profile is normal for the first time since I can remember. Pretty awesome!!
I'm super happy with the way everything looks.
I need to get on top of the whole speech therapy soon.
I've been so overwhelmed with school and the setbacks I had at the beginning of the term didn't help.

Are those cheekbones that I have now?? wow crazy.

btw in the before pictures my lips were closed, that way my face at rest sadly.

Have a great weekend !!!



  1. Hey Terra! Thanks so much for posting such thorough updates throughout this process. I'm having upper jaw surgery and genioplasty on Tuesday, and just recently decided to make a blog myself...mostly because yours has been SO helpful to me, and I figure, why not do the same for others?

    So, if anyone is reading this and wants another inside look at what it's like to fix an open bite through orthognathic surgery, here's the link:

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  3. Terra, your results are amazing :). Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. You look fantastic. What an amazing result, you must be over the moon. Hope you are good x

  5. Hey there, congrats on all your progress thus far - what a journey it has been for you. I will be having my braces in about a month, and surgery as well. I will be having my surgery consult, next month, and then my journey will begin.

    I will was really super curious to know about COST. I couldn't find anywhere on your blog about any minor cost, even with OHIP.

    I live in Ontario, and understand a large portion will be covered under Ontario Health Insurance Plan, but was wondering what other expenses there are.

    Any insight would be great.

    Thank you very much for your blogging, hope to hear from you!


  6. Hi Terra,

    I have undergone the surgery last week...!
    Now I am in healing period...!
    Have you felt numbness after the surgery? How soon that was gone? I am having numbness in my lower lips, little bit worried about that...!


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