Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Post Orthodontic Consultation

I had an orthodontic consultation yesterday.
I have to say I really liked the place, the staff was really great, the facilities were very modern including their approach to braces. I had x rays and imaging done during this appointment and one of their orthodontists did an examination of my bite. These were a few of the issues listed:
>Bite discrepancy
>Upper and lower front teeth do not meet
>improper end to end bite
>Crowding and malalignment of the upper and lower teeth
>Certain teeth are in crossbite
>lower front teeth are shifted to the left
>Excessive wear due to bite and/or grinding
>Tongue thrusting habit
>Right and left jaw noise evident
>lower jaw is small compared to upper jaw
>unfavourable vertical jaw growth

Thats most of the comments.
I am going to make a video as soon as I can to give a further explanation, I will also try to scan the images from the consultation.
I have an appointment with the surgeon in a month.
I am very nervous now knowing I'm going to get the surgery so I would really appreciate any comments.
Goodluck to all of you going through this!

PS I have no idea how to stop this tongue thrusting thing, since I have been doing it all my life!! ahhhhhh


  1. Hey good luck with your journey! What oral surgeon will you be seeing next month? I just had upper and lower surgery done by Dr. Caminiti (Based in Toronto and Richmond Hill) and I'm very happy with things so far. I'm about 2 and a half weeks post op.

  2. I have my consultation with Dr Caminiti in a month and I've heard such good things about him so i'm really excited!! Which orthodontist did you go to? I'm so glad to hear it went well for you! Keep me updated on your recovery! I'm still very nervous but i'm so excited to have a jaw that works. How long ahead did you have to book the surgery with him, I heard he books pretty far in advance.

  3. Well I'm actually from Ancaster (town outside of Hamilton) so I have my orthodontist in Hamilton. It's a team, Dr. Rahimi and Dr. Eslambolchi. I booked my surgery in September '10 for April '11, so 7 months in advance! I was told I was ready to book for January/February so I kept calling and emailing asking them to put me on any wait lists for an earlier date because I wanted my surgery over and done with ASAP and thankfully they ended up having an available date in February (I found out about 3 weeks before the surgery date!).

  4. Hey wow, Canadianfan04 I have Dr. C as well, I'll be having double jaw next year sometime. Have you been able to have blended solid foods yet and how has your nerves' recovery been?

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