Thursday, March 31, 2011

Appointment with Surgeon in 5 days!!

Hey everyone,
So I have an appointment with the oral surgeon on tuesday! They have called me twice in the last 24 hours. First, in the middle of my astronomy lecture, and I forgot to turn my ringer off. That time was to confirm. The second time they called was this morning, and I was in bed sleeping. I have no classes on thursdays so I like to catch up on sleep as I stay up late studying. Anyway they wanted me to come in at 8am on tuesday instead of 11:30. Ahhh! so early! I don't even get up that early for classes. The earliest I get up right now is 8:30 as all my classes are 10:30 or later. I also have to drive there which isn't around the corner. All in all, looks like I will be getting up at 6:30 for this appointment!

Also, to everyone out there having had or still undergoing jaw surgery, I have a question for you. I got a comment on my youtube saying if I like my nose the way it is, I shouldn't get jaw surgery.
Well I don't know who this person is who posted it, but I guess it didn't make much sense to me. I mean with all the problems a bite issue causes, why would I be so concerned about my nose changing, I mean this surgery changes the whole face! I do realize that my nose will look different, and I think thats a good thing. My nose is really narrow and convex and I hate it. I mean from the front it looks small and fine, but from the side it just looks like the most prominent thing on my face. Also. I figured these surgeons know what they are doing, and they are not going to try to make my nose look awful, obviously.

Just wanted to share that.
Also I will be doing finals for the next two weeks so I will try my best to make a video after seeing the surgeon but I'll see if I have time.
Thanks for reading :)


  1. So exciting, you're getting closer! I would imagine that jaw surgery would change your bone structure and thus change your appearance a little, but do you think it will be very drastic? I don't like my nose either, but I haven't met many people who do like their nose. I think you look great if it's any consolation! Good luck with your appointment!

  2. I am 6 days post sarpe surgery and my nose hasn't changed yet, besides the fact its a bit swollen! But my OS did say its going to look a little wider. I didnt like my nose before surgery anyway and I am not doing this for cosmetic purposes, so I dont really care if my nose looks a little different and I think you will feel the same way :) I have noticed though that I am breathing through my nose a little better already.
    One bit of advice I received that I always think of is that mentally it can take some time to adjust to your new face as you have been looking in the mirror at someone for so many years then you suddenly look different. If you are mentally prepared (which I was) you will be fine with it all.

  3. Hello. Nice blog, I will follow you from Argentina. I will ask you a favor: could you tell me exactly which kind of surgery will you get in your jaws? I mean, what is the name of the proccedure. I have EXACTLY the same problem as you, and the same pains and stuff, so I'm very intereted in know more about your case. Of course I will be followin. Take care.

  4. AHH: sorry, one more question. Did you have any problems with your temporomandiblar articulations because of the malocclusion' Thank you beforehand.

  5. @ Braceface : Thanks so much! I like my nose from the front, from the side its very convex so I don't love my side profile. I don't really think I would mind it changing, I mean I don't think it will be drastic. Either way I'm hoping any changes improve both function and facial balance. And its so true, no one likes their nose lol

    @Belinda : Thats so true, the whole process will take mental preparation. Thats amazing that it has also improved your breathing, I can hardly breathe through my nose so it would be amazing if that changed. Have you started turning the key yet?

    @Leandro: Thanks so much for following. At this point I don't know very much. I'm going to find out on tuesday exactly what the surgery will entail. I have also had issues with the TMJ. About a year ago it started to swell up, cause pain, making it difficult to open my mouth very far. At that point I didn't know it was from my open bite. I have really bad pain throughout my jaw, neck and forehead now because of the open bite. Are you looking into jaw surgery at the moment?

  6. Next tuesday I have to appointment with my ortho and I will talk a bit about possibilities of surgery and stuff. The problem I find with surgery is the long previous ortodontic treatment that my dentist suggest, probably two years. And I am with pain and incomodities since 2008. But I will try to view if is possible to have a shorter previous treatment...
    About my pain i had the same experience. First I did'nt know that my aches and pain could be from the malocclusion. I found that some dentists don't know about this correlation.

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  8. Hey! Glad to see your appointment is getting closer and closer! About the nose thing, the change that most talk about is having it get a little wider and having it MAYBE point up more a tiny, tiny bit.

    The pointing up thing I believe is preventable with a simple stitching, called a Y-Stitch if I'm not mistaken, if you don't want it to happen. Some people look forward to that though. Also, it's not going to be a Ms. Piggy nose from the Muppet's if anyone is wondering how severe it is, so no worries there.

    The widening of nose though I think you'll appreciate, especially if you say your nose is narrow now (like mine was). It makes it SO, SO SO SO much easier to breathe through!

  9. @ Nathaniel
    Personally I wouldn't mind a little change of nose lol. So glad to hear it has improved your breathing. Hope your healing has gone well :)

  10. Yes I have started turning the key, I have done 6 turns now and have a nice little gap. Im going to update some photos tonight on my blog