Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Is this normal?

Hey guys,

So the last week I've noticed that my bite is really close to literally just hitting. Post op I had an overjet but now I don't even have a mm of extra space. I've been wearing my retainers at night but I wake up and my bite is super tight. I may have to call my ortho regarding this. Just a mini panic here.

I was really more worried about the open bite coming back but it feels like my muscles are pulling my bite back into an underbite.

Maybe I'm just over reacting. I'll book in an appointment with my massage therapist, maybe my facial muscles are just tense.

Anyway otherwise life is good. Heading back to Toronto after being in Montreal with the bestie.
She's moving back so we packed stuff and caught up on life. We went to an outdoor electronic music party which was pretty cool except we got eaten alive by all the bugs.

I always get a kick out of the stop signs in quebec. It's Terra backwards. I still remember when we went to Ottawa 10 years ago and the stop signs said Stop Arret so we would say "Pots Terra"

Drinking in the day. I like the massive amounts of wine people drink in this province. 

This was a separate stage but if you were drunk enough and could see this guys dance moves. 

We were forced to drink from the bottle when some random guy thought he could pick me up by bumping his booty into me. This didn't work and we lost our cups :( Losers

I have these two massive bruises and I have no idea where they came from. Was before the festival though. 

I also have this massive bite on my arm, still not sure what this was from

<3 Terra

Friday, June 21, 2013

Life After Jaw Surgery

Hey guys!

I haven't posted lately but I feel like I have a lot to share with you guys.
You've all been so open with your experiences and I feel like after following me for this long you deserve to get some sort of update on my life and what it's like to have gotten through this journey.

First off I want to say that I am so grateful for all the amazing people I've met through this journey.
There are way too many people to name but I feel like I made a lot of great friends. I'm so thankful for this as I feel like I couldn't have survived this journey without all the people I've had to turn to.

I'm on my way to Montreal as I type this post. Considering the fact that I will probably get lost driving there and I don't speak french I decided to opt for the train. It's a beautiful day although I didn't sleep last night.

So first off let me explain the debonding. It took a while.
Ceramic brackets are hard to get off as they break most of the time. So I had a few that broke in half and getting the rest of it off was a mission. Eventually though they were off, my teeth were polished and I was free of braces. My first reaction was shock really. I couldn't imagine my teeth would ever look so good. I went out with Flora that night and got to finally eat without braces. Something I took for granted for years. I am so happy being braces free.

The past while has been great really. I feel more like myself being able to smile and I'm really enjoying life.

I promise I'll do occasional updates to let you guys know how everything is going.

Right now I'm in retainers for 3 months every night. I go to the orthodontist in 3 months and I see my surgeon around the same time for my year post op. WOOOOOO
Life is good people!!!!
Honestly if you're going through this journey just keep your head up, you'll make it through and you'll be happier than ever that you did!!

Lots of love!!!