Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 25

So this is what happened today...

I had an ortho appointment which wasn't really an adjustment. I still have a lot of swelling in my mouth.
Last week I saw the surgeon and he started me on elastics but he gave me a chart that didn't match the configuration he put on. The surgeon had them listed as being on sort of in a parallelogram and said that  if I put them on in the opposite direction I would relapse. The surgeon said not to let the ortho touch anything but the nurse at his office said to have my ortho take a look at the elastics because i was confused instead of having me come out to see the surgeon again.

Anyway the ortho did the opposite of what the surgeon wanted and now I have these elastics on and my teeth are like tightly closed. I had about a mm or two overjet before this appointment so I hope these elastics work and don't relapse my jaw.

I can't believe I even have to worry about these things, isn't this stupid?

Anyway I'll be off the antibiotics in two days, then I won't have to eat at exact times 4 times a day so the antibiotics don't make me puke. I can't wait to be so post op that this becomes a vague memory.

I mean I like the way I look (I think). I'm still swollen. I still have too much swelling under my chin, ugh. I blame the blah on living in Canada, I'm freezing.

I'm excited to see my surgeon next week, It's over a week away though.

Oh my hand blender broke, looks like I'll be buying a new one tomorrow so I don't die of starvation.

Okay enough of Debbie downer tonight. nighty night guys.
Hope everyone on the east coast is safe with the hurricane and the storms.

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I told my surgeon I wanted a strong chin, hmmmm
I'm sorry, I can't control the faces I make, damn face. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

23 days post op

wow how did I get here? lol
I really wish it was 123 days post op but this shall do.

Here are the updates:

  • Still can't hear out of my left ear and it hurts
  • On day 4 of antibiotics
  • swelling is even now
  • Still eating mush
  • My mouth doesn't open any wider
Last night I blended a spring roll and plum sauce, yes I was that desperate for food. 
I've been blending anything I can. I've lost 10 lbs!! 
My clothes are so loose I look like I'm wearing oversized mens sweaters.

My surgeon gave me a chart for putting my bands on, yet it doesn't match how he put them on. 
The nurse at his clinic talked to me on the phone and told me to take the paper to the orthodontist tomorrow and have them look at it and tell me how to put them on. I think my ortho can manage that. 
I pulled on a stitch last night which hurt  A LOT!
For some reason i didn't think that a hard piece of string could be a stitch. 

I hate mornings, I wake up and I feel swollen and stiff. 

Okay anyone reading this way post op, I have a question...

When will I feel normal again????

I know its only 3.5 weeks but my face just feels blah without pain killers, but I don't want to kill my kidneys and liver by taking them all the time. 

I'm going to make chili tonight and blend it up, yum yum yum!!!
I'm also feeling inspired my Amanda and really getting into soup, I blend it with crackers, I know it sounds crazy but the taste just makes me feel that much closer to real food. 

I have a girly profile!!!! Never thought this would happen

Thursday, October 25, 2012

20 days post op


What do I have to say today?

Well I can tell you that I had a horrible night sleep last night without my lorazepam as my surgeon is trying to get me off of it. Why he would do such a horrible thing? I don't know.
Today I just feel crappy. I took an extra strength Tylenol instead of a T3 since I will be driving my mom to the airport and narcotics + the 401 under construction just don't mix.

I've making my antibiotics but my face is still very sore and swollen. My face is sensitive pretty much everywhere. I have to put my makeup on so slowly and carefully because every touch hurts.
I don't really know what normal is at this stage or for this surgery but I just can't wait to be a few months post op and hopefully feeling better.

I'm going to miss having my mom here to talk to. She's also been awesome at making sure I take in liquids (or liquid food) as personally I don't feel like drinking anything because I feel so crappy.
I have to drink a lot with the antibiotics which isn't fun. Moving my mouth at all just sucks. I wish I could sleep comfortably because then I would just sleep all the time, but no lorazepam means no sleep.

I feel like such a Debbie downer. I'm really sorry guys. I want so bad to be excited and happy post op but I just feel like going into a coma and waking up in the new year when all the swelling is gone down and nothing hurts.

One thing I do like is that I don't have a big Italian nose anymore. YAY for that!! My dorsal hump used to be huge, and god forbid I closed my lips, it would pull my nose down and make it look even bigger!!
I mean it is wider from the front but its not so large from the side. My nose did change over the years probably as a result of my maxilla becoming retrognathic. No offence to Italians out there but a big nose on my little face just wasn't working for me. I notice that even my eyes look different with my new nose and that a little makeup goes a long way now. I no longer have to wear false lashes and tons of eye makeup to distract from my nose which is nice.

Knowing me, yes I may still correct my nose in the future since I do still have a little bit of a dorsal hump and I might take it in a bit if it doesn't go down. I know everyone thinks I'm crazy but my nose has been my worst enemy for a long time. This won't be happening anytime soon. I'm done with sleeping sitting up for a while.

I'll be heading to Australia in about five weeks and I'm hoping that I am doing much better by that time. Either way I have good travel insurance for medical and if I'm doing really crappy I'll just find a doctor out there. It will be nice to enjoy warm weather in December.

Just noticed too, it's two months to CHRISTMAS!!!

Okay now I'm rambling, on that note here are pictures, because if you are anything like me you want pictures to go with your story because pictures are so much more fun than words.

PS I still can't smile like a normal person

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

19 Days Post op and an Infection to damper my mood

So I went to see my surgeon today. Here is the news in point form, because people enjoy reading point form.
  • Infection in upper left side of the jaw (my surgeon squeezed my gums and all this yellow white stuff started pouring out)
  • On Clindamycin for a week, 4 times a day to get rid of the infection. 
  • Using mouthwash and a syringe to irrigate the infection (very gross)
  • Surgeon says I'm 9/10 and progressing better than most people (minus the infection)
  • Still on liquids and puree and the surgeon says to just continue since its working
  • Got new x-rays taken which I will upload when they arrive by email. 
  • Will be returning to the surgeon in 2 weeks

Until then I hope everyone is doing well. I'll let you know what happens as the adventure continues to unfold. 

This is my smile. No I'm not kidding. I tell my brain smile and this is what happens.. I better not get too happy or I'll start scaring people

Monday, October 22, 2012

17 days post op

Hey guys,

Every day is different. I'm still eating (or drinking) mush and getting nauseous.
I miss working out. I feel like a cheese string. No muscle tone and just skinny.
My face looks round though because I still have a lot of swelling.
I still slightly have a double chin.

I mean it's getting better, my face is sore, I look like I have too much botox, and I've really been liking red lipstick because it distracts from the rest of my face.

Here are some pictures because everyone loves pictures.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

MY JAW SURGERY from the hospital to home

I will not live as if I'm dead

On that note here are todays pictures
It's day 13

I have come to the realization that I have everything to be happy about. My life is filled with so much love, what more could I ask for.
Every day gets a little easier. It's a struggle getting lipstick on numb lips but I'll make it work. I may still have a rubbery face but why not enjoy this face I was blessed with.
Thanks everyone for the positive vibes.

Amanda I hope you have a great recovery and that everything goes smooth.



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

VIDEO12 Days Post Double Jaw Surgery and Genioplasty

Feeling better, you guys know what you're talking about and thats why I love my blogging buddies.
I feel blessed to be through the worst of it and be feeling more and more normal.
I seriously do love my cheeks though <3
Suzie I gotta catch you online, I miss you!

12 days post op

Wanted to share this before and after. I have cheeks!!!! 
I'll post some more later. 
Good luck to everyone going through recover, its rough but it's well worth it. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 11 Struggles

I'm sorry I haven't been updating like I should. I have sort of become afraid of my face and a part of me if afraid to post pictures because I still don't know what I think about it.
I'll start off with the last few days and then post pictures (maybe)

I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping sitting up because the amount of drool I get all over myself if outstanding, not to mention its actually some nasal fluid leaking out of my sinuses that smells like something died. It's horrible.
I stayed at Sean's under the care of him and his momma on Sunday night and on Monday morning he drove me to the surgeon.

Good news, I get to brush my teeth again, and I can sleep laying down. He says 2 pillows but if I'm having a hard time then just get comfortable. He said the only risk is my eyes might swell which would freak me out in the morning but I would be fine.

I came back home last night. A part of me likes the changes and a part of me misses my old big jaw.
I know that this face is more girly than my old face, but something about the way I used to look makes me sad when I look in the mirror now.

It's hard to tell what is and what isn't swelling at this point because it's so early on. I really want to imagine myself without the swelling and see my jaw line.

I feel that although some people at my stage have a lot of swelling, that some people already look way better than I do.

Here are the movements
Lower Jaw: 6mm back
Upper Jaw: 3mm impaction of some sort, I think it was brought forward and up
Chin: 3mm up and 3mm forward.
Cant on lower jaw: 0.5mm correction.

I do have an idea bite now, and my teeth look huge, but I'm just not used to it.

I want to feel normal but i'm still bruised and swollen and my face doesn't move when I talk.
It's freaky.

I'm lucky though in the sense that everyone has been really good with me, I'm so scared to be criticized about something I can't change back. I've sort of been avoiding a lot of contact just because I don't want people to think "oh wow look what she did to her face, or god forbid say, she looked better before.  And sometimes the people we know best can be the most critical.

I mean I'd like my face if the swelling was gone but I don't think I'm done with my face.

I wanted to fix my nose years ago and I still see things I want to change about it. My nose has widened and I want it back to the width I had it before, this nose just doesn't feel natural to me. Then again I'm still swollen.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

7 days post op

I'm just doing a quick update before I rest again. The last few days have been very difficult. I was doing pretty good Monday, and then it quickly changed. I started to get really drowsy and weak and something didnt seem right. Tuesday was a horrible day, I had so much pain and I kept drifting to sleep even if I was sitting up and trying to communicate. I was in the washroom and nearly passed out, I couldn't even stand anymore. Let me add that I was so nauseous from the beginning of the week. Still being on a clear liquid diet all I could have was water otherwise is throw up. I was taking all my meds but I was getting more and more nauseous. I have liquid gravol but when I took it I threw it all up immediately.

The pain also worsened on Tuesday and by the end of the day I couldn't even talk. I just wanted to call 911 and be taken in so I would be okay. Tuesday night was so horrible, I didn't sleep and all night I felt nauseous and was in level 10/10 pain. Wednesday I went to my surgeons office to fix whatever was wrong. They hooked me up to an IV and gave me a ton of liquids pain meds and antinausea meds all through IV. I was there for a few hours and my surgeon removed the bandage on my lower face which was horrible. My face is still red. Anyway they said I was extremely dehydrated and my stomach was probably nauseous because all I had was meds. They also said I probably pulled a muscle in the right cheek which was causing pain.

On a more private note I haven't gone to the washroom in a week and they said this is really bad because it makes your body think its still it lockdown mode and won't let any liquids stay down. So I have to take laxatives too now.

Once I left yesterday I was so much better. I had energy to walk around unassisted and get to the bathroom and back all on my own. Today is even better. I've been doing a lot of things more independently which helps me learn and function better. I still wouldn't get up and go to the kitchen and I still get help filling the syringes so I don't spill food everywhere.
I slept we'll last night but the only thing that's different is that every time I wake up from sleeping my mouth is filledwith blood, mainly bright red, but it stops as soon as I get up and rinse.

I haven't had to think about the amounts of liquids or meds I need because my bfs mom has been charting everything and bringing me whatever I need as I need it. I've gone through about 7 protein drinks since yesterday.

The bleeding is really weird but I don't know if it has to do with the fact that having the tape off means nothing to support my jaw while I sleep. It's probably tension on the incisions.

Either was I'm doing a lot better today. But I'm still healing and need my sleep. I like having the independence and time to just relax alone but having the help I need when I need it. My breathing is really good too and I breathe well when I sleep.

I'm back on ice for pain management.

The swelling seems to be going down and I'm not feeling that whole huge ready to pop face thing anymore. My surgeon also has me taking crushed gravol mixed with something so I don't throw up anymore.

Well writing this made me tired. I'm sorry but I just have my phone with me and I'm not able to respond to comments on it. I'll still read them and respond we I'm on my laptop.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pre and post op pictures

It's really up and down but without the nausea I feel so much better.
I was throwing up a lot of blood from the first day which made it hard to hold any liquids down.
Tomorrow I'll be turning 26 and this surgery is probably the best gift I could ask for.
Thank you Suzie for the beautiful flowers. They really brightened up my day when I was feeling awful. You're so thoughtful and you are such a great friend.
Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive.

Thanks to my mom, my Aunt Toni, my Aunt Corena, and Jennifer for being there in the hospital and helping me when I was feeling my worst.

Thank you Sean for being such a great boyfriend and for keeping me calm when I had to have the IV put in and when I had to go through pre admissions.

Thanks to Diane and Julian for stopping by with magazines and flowers. It was great to have something to look through when I was feeling a little better.

My room is now filled with stuffed toys, balloons, flowers, and cards and I feel so grateful. It feels amazing to be post op. If you haven't had your surgery yet just trust me, you will be so happy once you are on the other side. Thanks to all my jaw surgery buddies I've been able to relate to and look up to for advice.

Finally, here are some pictures.

I'll add more later, it takes so long to upload these

Home - Day 3 or 4 post op

Do I couldn't surgery day as day zero?
I'm confused. Either way I can't wait for the swelling to go down.
Please tel me it gets easier from here.
I woke up this morning not being able to breathe. I think I had some gunk caught in my throat.
I've been rinsing a lot and all kinds of crap is coming out. Lots of blood clots and white stuff.
I miss the hospital because I was under constant supervision by the nurses.

Surgery day
I got to the hospital at 6am, registered and waited around with a big buzzer.
Sean came in with me when they called me in. I changed into the gown and hairnet, etc.
The nurse was really nice but couldn't get the IV in. So i was laying down and she gave up and was going to get the anesthesiologist to do it but another nurse came and got it done.
I got called him pretty quick and had to say goodbye to everyone.
I walked to the surgery room. Was wrapped up tight on an operating table that was very narrow.
The surgeon came in and everyone was really nice. They started to drug me and it felt like the whole room was spinning in a circle. Next thing I have a few vague memories of a recovery room and having a paper but forgetting how to write. I don't remember being put in my room but apparently I bumped my head when I was moved. I don't remember day one being too bad because I had a tube in my stomach and some other thing in the other nostril.

Day 1 post op
Day two the tube got annoying and a nurse came and pulled it out which was pretty gross. My nose did bleed a lot at first but it's gotten better. Again I don't remember a whole lot. I started to drink liquids but everything is clear liquid and tastes so gross. This day wasn't too bad though

Day 2 post op
I got sent home in the afternoon on this day and I was feeling really stomach sick. I threw up before we left the hospital and then again when we were driving back. I started doing a lot of rinses as all kinds of stuff is stuck to my mouth and makes it harder to breathe. This day really sucked. The swelling increased and I just felt awful.

Day 3 post op
Today is going okay. I woke up and couldn't breathe for some reason. Again I'm coughing up a lot of stuff so that might be why. I haven't taken the morphine since the hospital because it makes me feel sick. I don't really feel a lot of pain except for the joints because I'm not wired. I have some elastics but I can still open my mouth a little. This makes it easy to drink. I can't wait to get the okay to drink more solid liquids as everything clear is just so gross.

I hope it gets better from here because the swelling makes it hard to do anything.

Thanks everyone for all your kind works. It feels good to be post op but it'll feel better to be further through the recovery process.

VIDEO Post Double jaw surgery and Genioplasty

VIDEO Post Double jaw surgery and Genioplasty

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thank god for this app

I'm going to sleep once I post this. Thank you all for your kind words. It means a lot. I can't believe swelling didn't peak!! I feel huge already
The nurses are really great here. I should go home tomorrow if my blood pressure goes up. It's been low today.

Thanks again everyone.

Day 1 post op

I'm feeling better today. Still really swollen of course. My jaw is a bit sore. I got the tube removed today that was draining my stomach. I'm on all kinds of painkillers. I'm drinking liquids now but it's still hard. I'll upload better pics when I'm home from the hospital. I can't really see my teeth yet but when I can I'll show you guys. I feel like I'm doing pretty good for being just out of surgery. I was really calm going into surgery. They had some trouble with the IV but I still managed to stay calm. I had bloodwork done this morning and I had a needle in my hip for something..

I had two cysts removed from my nose that I didn't know about. This should help with breathing. It's hard to tell what I'll look like right now but so far so good. My blood pressure is low today so I'm a bit faint. The ice pack is a little uncomfortable as its heavy