Monday, October 22, 2012

17 days post op

Hey guys,

Every day is different. I'm still eating (or drinking) mush and getting nauseous.
I miss working out. I feel like a cheese string. No muscle tone and just skinny.
My face looks round though because I still have a lot of swelling.
I still slightly have a double chin.

I mean it's getting better, my face is sore, I look like I have too much botox, and I've really been liking red lipstick because it distracts from the rest of my face.

Here are some pictures because everyone loves pictures.


  1. Hi Terra - I've been following your blog and the recovery. You're a brave woman and you know what? You look lovely - especially considering that just 20 days ago you had major surgery. When the swelling comes down and the fine contours of your face start to reappear, you'll feel like the old Terra again.
    Fesh air, slow walks, flowers, funny movies - it's amazing what pleasure the small things in life can bring. Surround yourself with all things positive... and good luck with your recovery.

    1. thank you for all your positive words. It's so true. Going through this surgery makes every moment more enjoyable. Everything I get to drink, hugging my dogs, taking a walk. I remember the first week and feeling extremely sick and in pain and at the time it feels like it'll never end, but it makes everything so much more worthwhile in the end.

  2. Beautiful girl! I've been following your recovery, and I think you're looking absolutely fantastic. The picture of you and your man is adorable by the way! I couldn't help but say aw.

  3. Thank you so much. He's been so good through the recovery. He always knows what to say to make me feel better. I feel truly blessed.

  4. You're looking great Terra! I'm so impatient for my swelling to go down now so I know how you feel! Everyday I wake up and look in the mirror hoping to see a nice slim defined face, and all I get is puffy yellow cheeks! I'm sure all the waiting will be worth it though!

  5. You're looking amazing! So far would you say the surgery has helped alleviate some TMJ issues?

  6. You look so good! I don't know if you've said it somewhere on your blog but how old are you right now?