Thursday, October 11, 2012

7 days post op

I'm just doing a quick update before I rest again. The last few days have been very difficult. I was doing pretty good Monday, and then it quickly changed. I started to get really drowsy and weak and something didnt seem right. Tuesday was a horrible day, I had so much pain and I kept drifting to sleep even if I was sitting up and trying to communicate. I was in the washroom and nearly passed out, I couldn't even stand anymore. Let me add that I was so nauseous from the beginning of the week. Still being on a clear liquid diet all I could have was water otherwise is throw up. I was taking all my meds but I was getting more and more nauseous. I have liquid gravol but when I took it I threw it all up immediately.

The pain also worsened on Tuesday and by the end of the day I couldn't even talk. I just wanted to call 911 and be taken in so I would be okay. Tuesday night was so horrible, I didn't sleep and all night I felt nauseous and was in level 10/10 pain. Wednesday I went to my surgeons office to fix whatever was wrong. They hooked me up to an IV and gave me a ton of liquids pain meds and antinausea meds all through IV. I was there for a few hours and my surgeon removed the bandage on my lower face which was horrible. My face is still red. Anyway they said I was extremely dehydrated and my stomach was probably nauseous because all I had was meds. They also said I probably pulled a muscle in the right cheek which was causing pain.

On a more private note I haven't gone to the washroom in a week and they said this is really bad because it makes your body think its still it lockdown mode and won't let any liquids stay down. So I have to take laxatives too now.

Once I left yesterday I was so much better. I had energy to walk around unassisted and get to the bathroom and back all on my own. Today is even better. I've been doing a lot of things more independently which helps me learn and function better. I still wouldn't get up and go to the kitchen and I still get help filling the syringes so I don't spill food everywhere.
I slept we'll last night but the only thing that's different is that every time I wake up from sleeping my mouth is filledwith blood, mainly bright red, but it stops as soon as I get up and rinse.

I haven't had to think about the amounts of liquids or meds I need because my bfs mom has been charting everything and bringing me whatever I need as I need it. I've gone through about 7 protein drinks since yesterday.

The bleeding is really weird but I don't know if it has to do with the fact that having the tape off means nothing to support my jaw while I sleep. It's probably tension on the incisions.

Either was I'm doing a lot better today. But I'm still healing and need my sleep. I like having the independence and time to just relax alone but having the help I need when I need it. My breathing is really good too and I breathe well when I sleep.

I'm back on ice for pain management.

The swelling seems to be going down and I'm not feeling that whole huge ready to pop face thing anymore. My surgeon also has me taking crushed gravol mixed with something so I don't throw up anymore.

Well writing this made me tired. I'm sorry but I just have my phone with me and I'm not able to respond to comments on it. I'll still read them and respond we I'm on my laptop.


  1. It was a week before I was able to use the bathroom as well despite laxatives. Once I stopped the pain medication, it was back to normal! I know it has been hard, but you're over the worst!

  2. Terra - you poor thing!! Am glad that you are now feeling better :) Hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly. I think you are looking great by the way! Rest up & get better soon

  3. Awww Terra,

    Sorry to hear you're having a bit of a rough time recovering. Hopefully you are over the worst of it now and you're body can work on healing you a bit better!

    Keep positive lovely xoxo

  4. Hang in there Terra!!! You will be so happy and beautiful in a few weeks just power through :)