Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 25

So this is what happened today...

I had an ortho appointment which wasn't really an adjustment. I still have a lot of swelling in my mouth.
Last week I saw the surgeon and he started me on elastics but he gave me a chart that didn't match the configuration he put on. The surgeon had them listed as being on sort of in a parallelogram and said that  if I put them on in the opposite direction I would relapse. The surgeon said not to let the ortho touch anything but the nurse at his office said to have my ortho take a look at the elastics because i was confused instead of having me come out to see the surgeon again.

Anyway the ortho did the opposite of what the surgeon wanted and now I have these elastics on and my teeth are like tightly closed. I had about a mm or two overjet before this appointment so I hope these elastics work and don't relapse my jaw.

I can't believe I even have to worry about these things, isn't this stupid?

Anyway I'll be off the antibiotics in two days, then I won't have to eat at exact times 4 times a day so the antibiotics don't make me puke. I can't wait to be so post op that this becomes a vague memory.

I mean I like the way I look (I think). I'm still swollen. I still have too much swelling under my chin, ugh. I blame the blah on living in Canada, I'm freezing.

I'm excited to see my surgeon next week, It's over a week away though.

Oh my hand blender broke, looks like I'll be buying a new one tomorrow so I don't die of starvation.

Okay enough of Debbie downer tonight. nighty night guys.
Hope everyone on the east coast is safe with the hurricane and the storms.

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I told my surgeon I wanted a strong chin, hmmmm
I'm sorry, I can't control the faces I make, damn face. 


  1. Your ortho makes me SO mad, I want to punch him in the face! Why is he always doing first thing that comes to mind instead of consulting with your surgeon- is their communication THAT bad?...

    Either way just keep on top of it- soon it will all be a distant memory...
    Glad to see your feeling and looking better :D

  2. Hey Terra,

    Your looking absolutely bloody amazing! Your swelling has gone down so much all ready and your profile looks just beautiful, the swelling under your chin will catch up soon enough.

    Keep happy lovely! xoxo

  3. Omg that's a joke that you're having to worry about whether or not the elastics are right. There always seems to be issues like that with me too, like straight after my surgery my elastics snapped and my mouth was hanging open all night until someone put some on the next day. I've also got bands that hold my teeth shut tightly...if it wasn't for the bands I'd be able to talk like a normal person...almost! Hang on in there, it seems like things have been rough for you, but you look great, and it will all be worth it in the end!