Thursday, November 1, 2012

27 days

Hi guys,

It's hard to believe it's almost 4 weeks post op. Here are the major updates:

  • Finished my antibiotics
  • Still can't hear out of my left ear, right ear's hearing is coming and going too. 
  • Lower teeth are really sensitive and sore (might be from gum loss)
  • Salty food = Swollen morning face (Bad idea)
  • More motion coming back to my face
  • Getting sick of food (yes this is bad as I've lost weight but it's so much work to eat and my options are limited with puree everything)
  • Low energy. I have to get ready in intervals to go anywhere. 
  • Lower face is still 100% numb
Well that's all that's new. 
Except last night my jaw seized up, I could hardly open my mouth which made me very sad because I couldn't squeeze m&m's in anymore. There's something very depressing about halloween when you can't eat any of the chocolate. 

These jeans never fit me. The only other time they fit was when I was so sad I didn't eat for a month. 


  1. Wow!! Terra, you are looking so great! Ah, it was killing me not to be sitting in front of a bowl of chocolate on Halloween. My mom and I went and picked up two boxes of Halloween chocolate that was on sale today, so I'm hoping at two months I can chow down on all of it. Sheesh, I wish, but this weight doesn't have a chance of staying off. lol

  2. Lookin good! Swelling really seems to be coming down.

  3. I want chocolate so bad! I tried making a peanut butter chocolate shake last night, but it wasn't the same. You are looking awesome! I hear you with the low energy, I'm exhausted after work and before surgery I would work out, then go to work, then go to my second job. Keep the updates coming!

  4. terraaaaaa if your craving chocolate you can post chocolate buttons and things into your mouth and then let them melt!:) It's not quite the same but it's still nice and tasty chocolate!! I actually lost practically no weight when I was on puree food because I ate so much chocolate lololl. I also developed an unhealthy obsession with chocolate mousse, but it's just so gorgeous and doesn't need any chewing!
    Also if your getting sick of food, why don't you try blending things up individually for a meal rather than just as one big mush? Because then you get a mix of flavours. So like for a meal you could have scrambled egg, mashed potato, blended carrot, blended brocoli and blended salmon and potato, all in seperate piles! and then you can also have dips on the side like houmous and cream cheese and chilli sauce:) and also one more thing is if you grate chedder cheese onto a pureed thing it makes it SO much yummier! hahaa You might have already thought of those things but I thought I would say them just in case!:)
    I'm glad everything is generally going well, you are looking so stunning! xoxoxo

  5. Oh my gosh, about the hearing, is it going to come back?!