Monday, November 19, 2012

Post ortho appointment

2 weeks left until my vacation. 
My phone is on the fritz and I'll only have it for another 2 weeks. I keep losing my signal, it breaks up and then i don't get notification when someone calls or texts me. Ugh. 
It'll be weird not to have a phone for a month but it'll be nice too. 

I went to see my ortho today. It was a long appointment with lots of struggling.
My mouth only opens a little so it was hard to get the wires off from around my archwires, and then the archwires had to be cut to remove them since I had all the hooks. Now I am happy to say I have no more surgical wires, no more hooks (except some little ones) and no more wires around the brackets. 
My teeth feel free. 

Good news... 
My ortho says there is very little work left to do and he's leaving it up to the surgeon to decide when I can have the braces off. I could be brace free very soon. Well not sooner than January which is my next appointment. I'm still thinking spring 2013 but he made it sound a lot sooner. 

I did xmas shopping after my appointment and drove home exhausted. I have such low energy. I can spend a couple hours a day doing things and then I just want to sleep. 

Just want to follow up on my last post. Thank you so much to everyone who commented and shared their stories. I needed to hear that and it really helped me be strong when I was down. I was checking the comments on my phone but my phone being as wonderful as it is won't let me reply, it just freezes. 
I talked things through with him and I realized that I need to stand up for myself. That is something I will make sure to do from now on. I used to get really sad and down when things would happen but now I just say fine, go have your freak out and take off and I'll go do my own thing. I think it's scary for someone who is used to having that person be waiting there crying to see them stronger and just not phased by it. Who knows what the future holds but i hope we can work through all of our differences and find a middle ground, a respectful one. 

On another note I am packing for Australia and going through all my clothes to figure out what to take. I'll post some pictures with this post so you can see what I look like as of now. 





  1. you look really beautiful, just an amazing result.

  2. There is no chance for any single Sydney girl to be finding their Prince Charming while you're in town!

    You look uh-MAZING!!! :)