Thursday, June 30, 2011

Question about teeth moving before jaw surgery

Hey everyone! I'm a little confused because I have noticed that after my last last visit to the ortho, my bite opened more, and now after this visit I just had, my bite looks more closed. The images from the front make it hard to tell where my jaws are actually sitting, just how open my bite is.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Adjustment

Hey Everyone!

So yesterday I went for my first adjustment. It has been about 10 weeks since my braces were put on. So anyway I went in and an assistant removed my top wire and replaced it with a thicker wire. She changed all my bands which was really nice because they weren't looking oh so clean after 10 weeks.

Two of my teeth are not perfectly in line and the bands alone haven't moved them enough so she decided to tie wire around them to pull them forward in the place of the bands. The wire is really hard to see but I feel the pressure mostly on the bottom tooth.

I asked my orthodontist how long he thinks it will be until I'm surgery ready and he said at this point it looks like 6-8 months. He informed me that at my next appointment we will have a much better idea and I'll have more answers at that point.

My main concern was getting a surgery date that works for me, since my surgeon books pretty far ahead, fortunately my ortho informed me that it won't be a problem, and once he has a good idea as to exactly when I'll be ready he will let me book the surgery, although technically it won't be 6 months yet. I was really happy to hear that. He said he was happy with the progress and next time I'll have a stronger wire put on the top. I don't want to imagine what my last wire before surgery is going to look like, this wire is already pretty thick in comparison to my last wires.

I will probably make a video talking about my wisdom teeth healing and my teeth moving once I actually see them move a little bit more. Keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that I have a lot of progress these next two months so I get the okay to book the surgery. I think that will be the most exciting day I have this year!

At this point my teeth are all very sore and I've been on liquids because chewing is too painful, I really regret not buying ice cream lol. I've been making smoothies so it hasn't been bad, I'm trying really hard not the clench my teeth as I think that causes the most pain. I now run with my tongue in between my top and bottom teeth and I find this makes running much more comfortable. I have a little race/obstacle course coming up in two weeks so I'm hoping my stamina is good. I've also noticed that my diet has been a huge help. I am a vegetarian/vegan for about 8 years now I think and I really realize how important nutrition is now. For anyone undergoing a no chew diet, I can't emphasize enough how amazing vega supplement is, its like those protein powders you get in a tub thing except its all natural and it gives me so much energy. I can tell you, I'm going to be making drinks out of this stuff everyday when I have jaw surgery.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tongue Thrust Progress!

My jawline with the tongue thrust, it was actually worse before, this is just me trying to show you guys now

To anyone who doesn't know, I've been trying to correct my tongue thrust. It will be a lot easier after I have jaw surgery, but I'm doing what I can, it has made a huge difference in my side profile when looking at my jaw line. The tongue thrust caused the area under my jaw and chin to sort of bulge out.

Also, just wondering if any jaw surgery patients out there are runners? I'm a runner, and I run long distance. I've noticed that now with my jaw worsening its really hard to keep my bottom jaw shut and not vibrating as I run. I guess because my jaws don't fit closed its causing some shock. Its horrible, I'm hoping this will improve post surgery as I would really love to run without my jaw hopping around. I got new runners, haven't tried them out yet but they are soo comfy, and super cute.

Hope all you guys are doing well.

I have an adjustment on Wednesday and I'm hoping I can get an idea of when I'll be surgery ready. Wish me luck everyone! Can't wait to get this done!!

Also, thanks so much to all the wonderful bloggers that have been so helpful and have provided so much information. I love love love it!! I'm going to do a very awful post with my orthodontist pictures of my face, they are horribly ugly and I hope you guys don't have nightmares.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Favourite Lip Balm

Hey anyone reading this,

So I know how important chap stick and lip balm are for anyone with braces or undergoing jaw surgery. I have become addicted to lip balm. Anyway I got the new MAC liquid lip balm a couple weeks ago, its from their surf line and it is so great! Its a little pricy for lip balm, about the same cost as the lipsticks I think? I have a mac pro card so I got 40% off. Anyway it looks kinda like a lip gloss but feels like a balm, and it has a nice light shimmer. I actually keep it in my pencil case for when I'm studying or I'm at school.

Just a little advice to anyone in uni, summer courses are not worth wasting your summer! What was I thinking. Anyway I'm just finishing midterms which is why I am up at 3am making a post. Other than the mac lip balm, I love the palmers chap stick. It looks like a giant glue stick. the texture is really nice and it lasts forever.
Sorry the images are mirror image, ughh, i don't know how to change this on a mac, anyone know how?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pictures of my braces

Hey everyone! Just wanted to take some proper picture of my braces for future comparison before I end up getting a stronger wire and my bite ends up changing more. I really always thought I had more of a chin but I guess I really don't. Its amazing what you notice when you realize how abnormal your jaw really is. I also have a permanent pouty lip lol. Fortunately this will all change after the surgery. Just a quick refresher.
  • I got my braces about 2 months ago
  • I got my wisdom teeth removed about 2 weeks ago (i think)
  • I am going to the orthodontist on the 22nd of this month (June)
  • I should be surgery ready by December
  • I am hoping to have surgery in April 2012
I really wish I could go ahead with surgery in December but I really want my mom to be here and since she lived in Australia she is worried that the weather might be bad here and that she might have a delayed flight or that something might get in the way. This way in April the weather is decent here and we're less likely to have a snowstorm. I don't think I could totally trust anyone else to care for me so its worth the wait.

Every day I get more and more excited for this surgery and to just imagine that next year at this time I will have a whole new bite and jaw!!
There are a couple other surgeries I am considering now that my fear is gone. I have a really hard time breathing properly through my nose and I have also had issues with my tonsils for years and years. My childhood doctor didn't believe in removing them and they sort of never stopped swelling up. I was suppose to have them removed a few years ago as I was constantly waking up in the middle of the night not breathing and just getting throat infections etc. I chickened out! Anyway I'm lucky they haven't gotten worse but I mean they give me trouble so they're not worth having. I also need to have my adenoids removed. I may have a deviated septum as one side of my nose doesn't work at all, so I'm going to wait until this jaw surgery business is over to see of my nose works properly.
I was actually looking into rhinoplasty before I found out I needed jaw surgery and hopefully the surgery will help with my convex nose that is so obvious due to my convex profile. It seems that jaw surgery changes a lot of the facial features so hopefully my nose will fit with my jaw once its all in line. Well thats that and here are some pictures I just took.

My teeth and lips closed from the side

Teeth and lips closed from the other side

This is my lips closed, its very un-natural as you can tell

This is the natural position my lips close in, with my mouth closed

These are my teeth fully closed from the side

Teeth fully close from the other side

This is my teeth fully closed from the front, smiling big lol