Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Adjustment

Hey Everyone!

So yesterday I went for my first adjustment. It has been about 10 weeks since my braces were put on. So anyway I went in and an assistant removed my top wire and replaced it with a thicker wire. She changed all my bands which was really nice because they weren't looking oh so clean after 10 weeks.

Two of my teeth are not perfectly in line and the bands alone haven't moved them enough so she decided to tie wire around them to pull them forward in the place of the bands. The wire is really hard to see but I feel the pressure mostly on the bottom tooth.

I asked my orthodontist how long he thinks it will be until I'm surgery ready and he said at this point it looks like 6-8 months. He informed me that at my next appointment we will have a much better idea and I'll have more answers at that point.

My main concern was getting a surgery date that works for me, since my surgeon books pretty far ahead, fortunately my ortho informed me that it won't be a problem, and once he has a good idea as to exactly when I'll be ready he will let me book the surgery, although technically it won't be 6 months yet. I was really happy to hear that. He said he was happy with the progress and next time I'll have a stronger wire put on the top. I don't want to imagine what my last wire before surgery is going to look like, this wire is already pretty thick in comparison to my last wires.

I will probably make a video talking about my wisdom teeth healing and my teeth moving once I actually see them move a little bit more. Keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that I have a lot of progress these next two months so I get the okay to book the surgery. I think that will be the most exciting day I have this year!

At this point my teeth are all very sore and I've been on liquids because chewing is too painful, I really regret not buying ice cream lol. I've been making smoothies so it hasn't been bad, I'm trying really hard not the clench my teeth as I think that causes the most pain. I now run with my tongue in between my top and bottom teeth and I find this makes running much more comfortable. I have a little race/obstacle course coming up in two weeks so I'm hoping my stamina is good. I've also noticed that my diet has been a huge help. I am a vegetarian/vegan for about 8 years now I think and I really realize how important nutrition is now. For anyone undergoing a no chew diet, I can't emphasize enough how amazing vega supplement is, its like those protein powders you get in a tub thing except its all natural and it gives me so much energy. I can tell you, I'm going to be making drinks out of this stuff everyday when I have jaw surgery.


  1. Hey Terra,

    Another product to consider for this would be: which I have seen sell at Popeyes. It has a great combinations of natural vitamins and minerals. I would recommend to take this with your daily multivitamin to get the right nutrition.

    But you're right, a veggie supplement is an excellent idea.

  2. I LOVE YOUR TEETH! Sigh...

    Glad you are using a supplement! I was using an organic soy protein powder from Whole Foods that had like a million vitamins in it (not just protein). Totally essential on a liquid diet! :-)

  3. Sorry to hear about the soreness, but the results are exciting! And I'm having serious denta-envy right now. You're teeth are so white! And not stubby like mine lol. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you getting a surgery date that you like. And I'll look into the vega supplement. It sounds perfect!

  4. Hello, you're gorgeous! I love how you do your makeup. :)
    I am 23 and living in Sydney and I'm beginning my orthodontic journey to stop my jaw clicking; and I am researching the internets like crazy. I don't want to be 40 years old with little kiddies and finding I have to get a major jaw reconstruction because I didn't do anything when I was younger! I also won't have a mortgage either hehe... anyway, your blog is very inspiring! I have a posterior cross bite with a slight open bite (which is from tongue thrusting of course)and not growing up with enough money I couldn't get anything done when I was little.

    Anyway, I am not having as much pain as you are you poor thing! I only have muscle tiredness. My top jaw is entirely under developed, and is just out of whack compared to the lower jaw. I am trying to keep in mind that surgery might be a solution for me because I am an adult but I am hoping for the best. I have my orthodontic appointment in August... it will be my second one as I wasn't confident with my first choice. I will be keeping track of your progress, if you can get needles and have surgery (I agree, needles eeek!) than I can do it too if I need to!
    Keep posting, you are making me feel much better about the entire process. :) I will be especially keen to see how you progress through your recovery from surgery so I can see what to expect as I've never had any stays in a hospital. I wish you the best, I hope everything you worry about can be solved for you (and no more embarrassing French classes) Cheers!

  5. Try advil for the soreness. I swear by it! It works wonders! I've even begun taking it about 30 minutes before each appointment and thats working out great! Your teeth look so good and it's only going to get better. :)

  6. Thanks so much for the comments guys, Gordon, I'll be sure to pick up that supplement you're talking about. Taking supplements have been super helpful since I'm finding chewing pretty difficult now. I've been taking a protein smoothie at least once a day because eating most foods are too tiring chewing with only 2 molars.
    I don't know why I didn't think of taking an advil when I had the adjustment, silly me. I'll have to remember that next time.