Post Surgery


  1. Hi! I have an open bite and will be looking to undergo a jaw surgery like you. May I ask how long does it take after the surgery for you to function normally again? (e.g going back to school, work etc...) Thanks!

    1. Sorry about the late reply. I'd say at least a month off to recover. You start to feel better at 2 weeks but if you try to do normal things you just end up exhausting yourself and having to stay in for a few days to get your energy back. I think the blood loss from surgery makes it hard to feel energetic too.

  2. hey please can you tell me in which hospital you did ur surgery coz I have to had double jaw surgery and I want a good hospital

  3. I am amazed about how beautifully white your teeth are!! Is it any kind of treatment ?
    Congrats for the surgery!
    ( I love the picture where you've got the glasses up it your head : ) )

  4. Who was your surgeon? Great results! I'm terrified I'll end up looking worse :(