Tuesday, November 13, 2012

39 Days Post op

First off I want to say Congrats to Katie for getting through the surgery!!
I'm wishing you a safe and comfortable recovery, I'm so happy for you!!!!!

This week is like day and night compared to the past weeks following surgery.
All my doubts are subsiding and I am so happy with the new Terra.

These are the major changes I have noticed since surgery:

  • My chin is much more girly and straight
  • I can breathe through my nose
  • I have a perfect bite 
  • My lisp isn't nearly as bad
  • I no longer have a concave midface
  • I have cheeks
  • My nose looks better
Overall I feel like a new person. I'm so happy with my new face. The changes big and small are all for the better. Every day I notice the swelling going down more and more and I love the results. 
My double chin is going away and I have a beautiful jawline now. 

I've lost weight with the surgery, probably more weight than I thought. I fit into clothes that I bought years ago but never fit into. I've lost a lot of my muscle tone too though. I'm a runner and I have been sitting around a whole lot since the surgery. Hopefully I'll be okay to run in Australia since it's too cold here to get back into outdoor running after surgery. I'm not sure if the weight will stay off but I feel less lethargic and I'm going to try to stay on a healthy diet. I'm really excited to go running with my new airways. I couldn't breathe through my nose prior to the surgery which killed my stamina. I was running about 10km per run and now I can only imagine what my body is capable of. 

Anyway, back to surgery. Here are the things I'm still dealing with:
  • Mid face swelling and jawline swelling
  • Can only open my mouth a few mm
  • Still in elastics
  • No feeling on my lower jaw, chin, lower lip, and gums
  • I still have other numb spots on my face but the lower face is the worst, it hasn't changed at all since surgery. 
  • Still having a lot of difficulty chewing soft foods. 
  • Hearing is still coming and going. 
Honestly, at this point the pros are outweighing the cons. I'm trying to get my x-mas shopping done now since I won't be here for x-mas. I'll be celebrating a Canadian christmas at new years and christmas will be in Australia. 

I mentioned also the issue with my incisions and the infection. I sort of don't want to take a picture because it's so gross. Theres a flap of flesh hanging along the incision line. It's significantly large too but it isn't causing me any pain. 

I'm almost there!!!!
I'll post new pictures soon!


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling so good! I had a similar flap between my front two teeth and it seems to have reabsorbed? I'm going to keep my fingers crossed the same happens for you. Let me know ho it feels to run because I have tried some jogging and it feels weird in my upper jaw. I hope you'll update about your Australia trip!

    1. Oh really? I've been looking everywhere to see if anyone had something similar, it's so good to hear that you had the same. How long did it take to go away. Mine is pretty much the same since I found it but hopefully it'll go away. I think my surgeon saw it but he hadn't said anything.
      How long after surgery were you able to work out or start jogging?

  2. I love your positivity in this post! You've gotten through so much and like your list, not much left to go! As the days move on your swelling will go down revealing defined jaw and chin lines. I'm so happy for you woman :)

    1. Thank you :)
      It's amazing how much better it gets as time goes by. I'm so happy I went through with the surgery now. I haven't had to take painkillers on the regular either which is amazing!!

  3. Why do you need the gum grafting surgery? Is this related to the "flap" that formed in your gums?

    1. The gum grafting surgery is for my lower gums. I have a lot of gum loss so the teeth are exposed below the gum line. the flap that formed is on my upper incision lines, totally unrelated.