Sunday, October 28, 2012

23 days post op

wow how did I get here? lol
I really wish it was 123 days post op but this shall do.

Here are the updates:

  • Still can't hear out of my left ear and it hurts
  • On day 4 of antibiotics
  • swelling is even now
  • Still eating mush
  • My mouth doesn't open any wider
Last night I blended a spring roll and plum sauce, yes I was that desperate for food. 
I've been blending anything I can. I've lost 10 lbs!! 
My clothes are so loose I look like I'm wearing oversized mens sweaters.

My surgeon gave me a chart for putting my bands on, yet it doesn't match how he put them on. 
The nurse at his clinic talked to me on the phone and told me to take the paper to the orthodontist tomorrow and have them look at it and tell me how to put them on. I think my ortho can manage that. 
I pulled on a stitch last night which hurt  A LOT!
For some reason i didn't think that a hard piece of string could be a stitch. 

I hate mornings, I wake up and I feel swollen and stiff. 

Okay anyone reading this way post op, I have a question...

When will I feel normal again????

I know its only 3.5 weeks but my face just feels blah without pain killers, but I don't want to kill my kidneys and liver by taking them all the time. 

I'm going to make chili tonight and blend it up, yum yum yum!!!
I'm also feeling inspired my Amanda and really getting into soup, I blend it with crackers, I know it sounds crazy but the taste just makes me feel that much closer to real food. 

I have a girly profile!!!! Never thought this would happen


  1. You'll feel almost back to yourself around 6 weeks. But not quite there yet. Im 39 days post op and I feel great! Im still swollen. My face still feels like I had too much Botox. It hurts to laugh. I feel fatigued at times but I'm waaaay better than before. You'll get there

  2. Your profile is looking great! I've been blending soups like crazy. Let me know if you want some recipes.

  3. I found 6 weeks to be a turning point too. It's hard to get used to the stiffness and swelling, which kind of comes and goes for a while. I was way less tired after 6 weeks, and I think it's when the anesthesia leaves your body. I'm 12 weeks now, and can open 2 1/2 fingers, have tingling all over (no actual numbness), and still swell and get stiff when I talk or eat a lot.
    you will feel normal, and start to take in stride the residual effects, but just give yourself time and don't push too hard.
    Feel better!

  4. I also feel more stiff and definitely more swollen in the mornings! I used to think that overnight was the time when the miraculous reduction in swelling would occur, so every morning I woke up and felt my face and looked in the mirror, but I've realised now that I actually look most swollen at this time of the day. You look really pretty!

  5. You look GREAT, I'm sorry you don't feel it:( hang in there, it just gets better from here... Glad you are doing soups!!!