Wednesday, October 17, 2012

VIDEO12 Days Post Double Jaw Surgery and Genioplasty

Feeling better, you guys know what you're talking about and thats why I love my blogging buddies.
I feel blessed to be through the worst of it and be feeling more and more normal.
I seriously do love my cheeks though <3
Suzie I gotta catch you online, I miss you!


  1. I love following this blog! Did you notice your lisp has gone away even with all the elastics on? That's one of the first things I noticed. And the swelling definitely already went down on your nose even since yesterday it looks terrific! Really good description of everything that happened though, now I kind of get why my surgeon was saying he could probably just do the bottom jaw and move it around to make my midline even and fix the open bite at the same time. I hope you continue to do well, keep the updates coming!! Take care.

  2. Yay! You're looking so good already! So glad to hear that things have been easier lately - I was worried when I watched one of your earlier videos right after surgery!

    You said they removed two moving the top jaw always re-shapes the space above the upper palate/sinuses...have you experienced better breathing yet? Or has the swelling not gone down enough at this point to tell?

  3. Wow u look great! And I love ur cheeks! They're so freakin cute! Now seeing you in this video I think ur nose shape suits ur face. Like u said ur eyes seem bigger so a slightly wider nose balances out ur features. I don't think u need to look into rhinoplasty. Even to the side it looks more feminine. Lol about the makeup. I remember putting on make up for the first time to feel not so nasty. Hehe.

  4. The shape of your face is turning out so nice! It's very soft and pretty. Your swelling is going down pretty quickly too.