Thursday, October 25, 2012

20 days post op


What do I have to say today?

Well I can tell you that I had a horrible night sleep last night without my lorazepam as my surgeon is trying to get me off of it. Why he would do such a horrible thing? I don't know.
Today I just feel crappy. I took an extra strength Tylenol instead of a T3 since I will be driving my mom to the airport and narcotics + the 401 under construction just don't mix.

I've making my antibiotics but my face is still very sore and swollen. My face is sensitive pretty much everywhere. I have to put my makeup on so slowly and carefully because every touch hurts.
I don't really know what normal is at this stage or for this surgery but I just can't wait to be a few months post op and hopefully feeling better.

I'm going to miss having my mom here to talk to. She's also been awesome at making sure I take in liquids (or liquid food) as personally I don't feel like drinking anything because I feel so crappy.
I have to drink a lot with the antibiotics which isn't fun. Moving my mouth at all just sucks. I wish I could sleep comfortably because then I would just sleep all the time, but no lorazepam means no sleep.

I feel like such a Debbie downer. I'm really sorry guys. I want so bad to be excited and happy post op but I just feel like going into a coma and waking up in the new year when all the swelling is gone down and nothing hurts.

One thing I do like is that I don't have a big Italian nose anymore. YAY for that!! My dorsal hump used to be huge, and god forbid I closed my lips, it would pull my nose down and make it look even bigger!!
I mean it is wider from the front but its not so large from the side. My nose did change over the years probably as a result of my maxilla becoming retrognathic. No offence to Italians out there but a big nose on my little face just wasn't working for me. I notice that even my eyes look different with my new nose and that a little makeup goes a long way now. I no longer have to wear false lashes and tons of eye makeup to distract from my nose which is nice.

Knowing me, yes I may still correct my nose in the future since I do still have a little bit of a dorsal hump and I might take it in a bit if it doesn't go down. I know everyone thinks I'm crazy but my nose has been my worst enemy for a long time. This won't be happening anytime soon. I'm done with sleeping sitting up for a while.

I'll be heading to Australia in about five weeks and I'm hoping that I am doing much better by that time. Either way I have good travel insurance for medical and if I'm doing really crappy I'll just find a doctor out there. It will be nice to enjoy warm weather in December.

Just noticed too, it's two months to CHRISTMAS!!!

Okay now I'm rambling, on that note here are pictures, because if you are anything like me you want pictures to go with your story because pictures are so much more fun than words.

PS I still can't smile like a normal person


  1. Hey Terra, I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling crappy, and that's such a shame about the infection :( If it's any consolation I think I look like a weirdo when I smile too! I'm sure we'll have beautiful dazzling smiles in no time though :) I feel the same about my nose changes as you do, although mine looks wider from the front it looks much smaller from the side, and I HATED my nose before surgery so this has been one of the biggest benefits for me. Hope you feel better soon and your infection clears up quickly

  2. Hi Terra,
    Hope you start to feel better soon so that you can get excited about your holiday! Where in Oz are you going to? Looking great BTW

  3. Hi Terra!
    So sorry to hear that things don't seem to be going well. I agree with you and Sarah when it comes to worrying about my nose.... and smile. Hopefully it all comes together in a few weeks for all of us. Wishing you all the best girl!

  4. You look great goodluck with the rest of recovery! Are you still going to Australia to study at the university of western Sydney? I'm a current student have been the past three years! Its an amazing uni that provides the highest levels of education :)

  5. Terra, I'm sorry you are having such a hard time! I will have to add myself to the nose discussion. I was blessed with an Italian and Armenian nose. I am beyond pleased with my profile now, I can't believe it! In answer to you question about what I'm eating.... I actually find soups to be the best tasting vegan recipes. If a recipe calls for chicken broth I use veggie, creme I use plain soymilk, etc. I find most of my recipes online at Hang in there!