Friday, June 21, 2013

Life After Jaw Surgery

Hey guys!

I haven't posted lately but I feel like I have a lot to share with you guys.
You've all been so open with your experiences and I feel like after following me for this long you deserve to get some sort of update on my life and what it's like to have gotten through this journey.

First off I want to say that I am so grateful for all the amazing people I've met through this journey.
There are way too many people to name but I feel like I made a lot of great friends. I'm so thankful for this as I feel like I couldn't have survived this journey without all the people I've had to turn to.

I'm on my way to Montreal as I type this post. Considering the fact that I will probably get lost driving there and I don't speak french I decided to opt for the train. It's a beautiful day although I didn't sleep last night.

So first off let me explain the debonding. It took a while.
Ceramic brackets are hard to get off as they break most of the time. So I had a few that broke in half and getting the rest of it off was a mission. Eventually though they were off, my teeth were polished and I was free of braces. My first reaction was shock really. I couldn't imagine my teeth would ever look so good. I went out with Flora that night and got to finally eat without braces. Something I took for granted for years. I am so happy being braces free.

The past while has been great really. I feel more like myself being able to smile and I'm really enjoying life.

I promise I'll do occasional updates to let you guys know how everything is going.

Right now I'm in retainers for 3 months every night. I go to the orthodontist in 3 months and I see my surgeon around the same time for my year post op. WOOOOOO
Life is good people!!!!
Honestly if you're going through this journey just keep your head up, you'll make it through and you'll be happier than ever that you did!!

Lots of love!!!



  1. Hooray for no braces! I just went to another orthodontist for a quote.. Ugh.. I really don't want to do it.. Braces are fine the actual surgery freaks me out bad.

    1. Hey Jenn!
      Honestly the surgery used to freak me out so much but once you start the journey you sort of become immune to it. By the time I had surgery it was the least of my worries. I was so calm going in. The waiting before was probably the worst part. You wake up out of surgery so numb that you really have no pain. Let me know if you decide to do it.

  2. congrats!! i have been following your journey and just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing :) i am only 11 days out from surgery... and it has been rough so far. i am so grateful to have been able to know of other people that have gone through similar things. i am just wanting everything to go back to normal! i miss real food and not looking puffy! everything looks so great with you, i wish you all the best:)

  3. Terra! I know exactly how you feel. It feels absolutely amazing to have my braces off. (I need to make a post yet).
    I remember your post a while back about the rocky relationship issues at the time and I am so happy to hear that with the final outcome you are happy. We can only learn from these occurrences in our lives and let them make us stronger girl! In all honesty, you seem like such an intelligent and beautiful girl, you've got a lot ahead of you and I am so glad you are taking such a positive perspective on your future. I am wishing you all the best, and if I ever come over to Toronto from Winnipeg (home), we should definitely meet up!