Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My feelings towards jaw surgery

Hey guys!

First I want to say thank you to all the great people who read my blog! Thank you so much, I've already reached over 1000 views in a month, i think, and I don't even have my braces on yet! I really hope my information can be useful to people. I also want to say thank you to everyone out there who has shared their stories with me, via blog, youtube, or forum. thank you so much! You guys make the whole process seem so much less scary. I will probably do a post listing some of my favourite videos and blogs when I get a chance. I have two weeks off in about a month so I'll not only know exactly whats happening with my braces and surgery, but I'll also have time to make a new video and link some really great stuff to my blog.

Quickly I just want to say that the archwire forum has been a huge help to me! Not only have I gotten to talk to people who go to the same surgeon I'm going to, but I also got so many questions answered that I didn't even know I had yet.

To everyone who has gotten the surgery and wrote about it, or blogged about it, thank you!! You guys are inspiring! So many people have taken their time to answer my questions and I really appreciate it.

I'm sorry this turned into a gratefulness post but I just wanted to say that.

Ok now to the point if you are still reading this.

These are reasons I am all pro-jaw surgery

  1. I'm sick of having a convex profile: I searched convex profile on google and I got horses, and a dog shaped like a banana.
  2. The pain my bite causes it literally unbearable: I have constant headaches, neck pain, and TMJ pain
  3. I'm sick of having a lissssspppthhh: Yes I am sick of avoiding words when I talk that point out my lisp, I'm also sick of people pointing it out like I'm from another planet.
  4. I would like to chew with all my teeth: right now my back teeth on the left side are the only ones I chew with, the cross bite makes it too hard to chew on the right side.
  5. I would like to be able to close my mouth naturally: Right now when I close it I get bumpy chin, so attractive, I know!

These are reasons I am not so crazy about Jaw Surgery!!!

  1. Being in University with braces: its bad enough people all think I'm 18, despite the fact that I am 24, but I don't think braces will help.
  2. Having to possibly spend next summer healing my jaw: Looks like the only time I have for jaw surgery is in the summer, so much for getting ahead with courses, or going to the beach.
  3. General Anesthesia: I am terrified. I haven't had a surgery that required it since I was 5 or 6, can't remember, so I'm just super paranoid.
  4. Needles!: I hate needles, I have this bad habit of blacking out when I get needles, and I know that surgery is going to require lots of lovely things like bloodwork and IV.
  5. Not being able to talk: This is mainly for the fact that my brother is an asshole, and trust me I will be tortured about it the whole time. When I had my extractions and I couldn't eat without spilling everything all over myself, he just sat there and told me it was all going in my mouth, yet I was literally covered in milkshake.


  1. Ha Ha. Vero, I literally just blogged about my reasons for the surgery too. Mostly because the minute I arrived to work I was grilled about my new braces. My clients were even more perplexed about the surgery than the braces. So I compiled a list too. I agree with you, the idea of spending the summer healing instead of surfing is bumming me out. Keep the posts coming!

  2. You've been so inspiring! I think your readers are just as grateful for you as you are for them (us)! Your reasons are totally valid!

  3. Wow these reasons are all spot on with mine..

    HATE my convex profile..
    SICK of jaw pain and headaches..GRIND my teeth constantly at night..
    cant bite into salad sandwiches and apples anymore :(

    I am currently at university with braces :( It was scary when I first got them on seeing how people would react at work and uni. Most people have been great about it and its funny once you have them you notice soooo many others who have then braces too.. young and old :)

  4. thanks everyone for the comments, making the list has helped me when I am defending my case against everyone who thinks that because my teeth are straight, there is nothing wrong.

    @ Rhianna
    Its good to see someones also going through uni with braces. I'm hoping people here are as accepting of it. Its amazing when we think of all the issues bite problems cause and how we've lived with it for so long. I didn't think I'd ever fix it until I started to get the pain, I've become so used to hardly chewing my food and having the opening in my bite, but the pain and speech issues are just too much to deal with.

    Goodluck everyone in your journeys with braces and/or jaw surgery

  5. I have a very similar list of course! The general Anesthesia was a huggeee thing for me, because I've never had it before and I needed it for my SARPE (and will need it again obviously for my double jaw), but I'm really glad I was able to get over my fear for it with SARPE because I don't think I will be as stressed out as I was before when I go in for the double jaw surgery.

  6. @ nathaniel
    So how did you find the anesthesia now that youve had the sarpe? I read somewhere that 1/ 200000 people who are generally healthy die under general anesthesia which i guess are pretty low odds. Did you have any side effects to the anesthesia? I heard it makes some people sick.