Monday, March 7, 2011


Hey readers,

So I know that everything is still a while away and I'm in a waiting process right now. Still about another month until I find anything out.
the whole thing has been driving me a little crazy though, knowing I'm going to be back in braces, and that I have to have jaw surgery. I'm also nervous about correcting my tongue thrusting habit as it is something I feel I have very little control over. If you have read my previous blogs you would know that the orthodontist thinks that what caused my jaw issues is this habit where I push on my front teeth when I shallow instead of on the roof of my mouth. Its weird I know, but its also just what I have ben doing my whole life.
I'm taking the whole process as a good reason to keep my teeth and gums super healthy, so I am trying to cut down on the sugar and floss like crazy. I've already been good for flossing my teeth, but I'm just going to try to be even better.
I did get the waterpik but I'm still going to use superfloss as my teeth are really close together and very hard to get in between. I bought the whitening attachments for the waterpik and I will give them a try when I am home in a few days. I always find its hardest to keep my teeth super white in between so i'm hoping this helps. I have been a huge fan of whitestrips and I can tell you this much, THEY WORK! Like literally, even my orthodontist pointed out that my teeth are very white, I haven't even used the strips in a while, but the results last! Honestly give them a try before you spend a fortune of professional whitening. I've used whitening trays in the past and the results were nowhere near what I get with whitestrips. Even the classic ones work great!
Well thats my little dental rant for the day, I will let everyone know if the whitening attachments for the waterpik work.


  1. What brand of whitening strips do you use? Like you, I have pretty white teeth. Now with the braces on, I am getting a little nervous that they won't be as white when the braces come off so I am definitely going to use some kind of whitening system. Can't wait to see how the whitening applicator on your water pik works. I was looking at some water piks over the weekend, but didn't buy one.

  2. I'm really hoping the waterpik attachments work well, so I will definitely post about that. I have to say the waterpik is great, it leaves your teeth feeling really clean, I got the one with 6 attachments, I know they sell one that is just the flosser, and they also sell a portable one.
    For whitening, its a pain with the braces, when I had braces last there weren't as many whitening products available so I had to wait to whiten them. Right now though I find that Crest products such as their 3D white toothpaste,and I think they have a whitening mouthwash too, work pretty well. I really like the whitening toothpaste.
    The last whitestrips I used were the 3D white ones, I've used all kinds and I find the results are pretty similar, the premium ones worked really well from what I remember.
    I used to drink a lot of coffee too and my teeth still stayed really white while using the crest whitestrips.

  3. I've been using the 3D white mouthwash, my ortho gave it to me. I'm going to have to pick up the toothpaste too! thanks :)