Monday, March 18, 2013

Costs of Jaw Surgery

This is in reply to a comment regarding the costs associate with jaw surgery.
First off I just want to say that I live in Ontario, Canada and therefore I have provincial health insurance which covers certain costs.  All cost in Canadian dollars.

This is a break down from start to finish:

  1. Braces: (first set)                  $3000
  2. Premolar removal                $500- 1000 (estimating as this was a long time ago)
  3. Braces: (second set)             $7000
  4. Wisdom teeth removal:        $1300
  5. Surgical Planning                $3500
The surgery itself was covered by OHIP and I have additional health insurance for my prescriptions which I'm sure would have been at least a few hundred on top of everything. 
I'm not sure how other surgeons price out their surgeries but for my surgeon $3500 seems to be a standard rate for a double jaw surgery and genioplasty. Those fees included costs incurred at his private office such as x-rays, follow up visits, moulds, and other related costs. There was also an initial consultation fee of $200. 



  1. Hi, was your surgery done in a hospital? If so which? Or did you do it in a doctor's office? Do you think it was worth it? or do you havr any health concerns.

    1. This surgery definitely has to be done in hospital. I was in the hospital for a few days but depending where you are and if any issues arise you may be in hospital for a week or longer. I had a lot of health issues prior to surgery which is why I had it done and they are all pretty much resolved now. It has improved my quality of life a lot.

  2. Hi, I was just wondering, who was the surgeon you delt with? Were you happy with results, medically and cosmetically? I have issues breathing at night due to lack of room in my lower jaw. I also have tmj and ear pain. I'm thinking lower jaw advancement may help but I'll need a good doctor and I can't seem to find one.