Friday, May 31, 2013

Month of May Update

Hey everyone!!

Okay so I wanted to update on a few things before I go and study again.
I've been really busy lately and have wanted to do a video update but no can do.
I look like a hot mess because I literally roll out of bed and study and do that for about 12-14 hours and then try to sleep and do the same thing again.
I had a final last weekend and I'm studying for midterms now so yeah. My terms sort of overlapped and I'm drowning in work but happy to say that I somehow passed the worst course every. I have this accounting requirement for my designation and my honours that has the worst profs ever. This course has so much content and I was just dying. Anyway it's over, I'm so proud even though it's the lowest grade I've ever gotten. I needed to get a C for CMA to accept the course and f it, I'm not taking that course over.

Anyway I saw my surgeon.
All went pretty well. He said my bite looks great and he's happy with the healing.
I asked him about my butt scar. I had a needle at the hospital that left this crater on my butt and I wanted to ask him about it. Anyway he's not 100% sure but said I should talk to my family doctor and see a dermatologist if I want. So I'll be seeing my family doctor on monday. She hasn't seen me since the surgery.

I also told him how I go through weeks of really bad TMJ pain. He said for this I need to give myself a week off. So I have to do a week of no chew, take advil during the day and robax at night. He said to do this for a week so it can have a chance to settle.

Otherwise everything is A ok!

I have an ortho appointment in a couple weeks and I will do a nice decent happy update at that time. First I have 3 midterms. Ugh gotta love how I have to get through the midterms to finally see my ortho.
Anyway I'm pretty happy with all this.

Nighty night!!


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  1. Haha, I read "butt scar" and had to reread it to make sure you really meant butt scar - you poor thing! I hope it's in a place that not many can see! Why did they inject you there?

    As for the TMJ pain - a week of no chewing? How do you feel about that?