Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Comparison Pictures

This is a comparison of my teeth before braces and my teeth now at about 1 month after the braces were put on. My bite has opened a lot in a month.


  1. Totally can relate to this Terra. Its kinda freaky how much it opens up in such a short amount of time. I don't remember it happening during my first lot of braces.. actually they were trying to achieve the opposite last time around-close the bite.
    Weird it must be something to do with the type of wires they use.. I have never actually asked my Ortho HOW the braces exactly open the bite. hmm might ask him tomorrow when I get my surgical hooks on :)

  2. Ah, you have such nice big teeth, lucky girl!

    When going the surgical route, the braces work to position your teeth to how they need to be for your *new* jaw placement...not your current one. So expect your bite to be very "off" and strange until you have surgery. I ended up with a large gap between my top and lower teeth (overbite) and then after surgery, wa-la, it all fits like a glove!

  3. I've got to remember to ask my orthodontist what the difference is when the compensate vs decompensating. I'm starting to feel like my bite opening is more and more progress towards the surgery so I'm getting very excited about it finally lol. I can't believe you guys are done surgery and well on your way through recovery :) So happy for you