Monday, September 24, 2012

Pre Op Jaw surgery appointment (10 days to surgery)


  1. Hey Terra,

    10 days to go!!! I bet you're so excited now. I cant believe how calm and organised you are, i'm from the UK and I'm able to get my surgery and ortho work on the NHS so I don't have to pay for it. It must be such a pain and a worry having to sort all of the insurance stuff out too, but you seem so organised.

    Your surgeon appointment sounded really positive, and I think you are so right, these guys do this for a living so they are the experts and know what will look good and what won't when it comes to your new face shape.

    Hopefully I will remember to take on your attitude when I'm at that stage in my process.

    I hope the next 10 days go by easily and stress free for you! x

    1. Thats amazing that you guys have everything covered over there. I feel really lucky though that the surgery itself if covered under provincial healthcare so I only have to worry about the braces and surgical planning.
      I think the wait has made me calmer and more positive. If the surgery was early on in the process I probably would be freaking out.
      Hope everything is going great on your end :)

  2. Hey Terra,
    This is really happening! I'm glad everything is set for you and ready for Oct 5. I will be sending lots of good vibes your way and will of course be diligently following your posts. I hope you can stay calm and relaxed over the next week!