Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In the 20's

Week 1 isn't over yet but I managed to get everything done that I needed to.

I renewed my passport and that was good enough for me for one day.
I was at Sean's house afterwards and he got home early and was like "lets go get your tetanus shot!"
I really didn't want to but I went.
Surprisingly I didn't feel the needle at all.

My passport will be ready in about 2 weeks so I'll have to see if I can book my flight beforehand.

29 Days!!! Yep made it to the 20's
I seriously need to start buying stuff for recovery though. Those of you with surgery in the near future, let me know what you're buying for surgery. I'm thinking of stocking up on frozen veggies for smoothies as well.

I'll update next week after I cross those things off the list.

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  1. I found muscle milk to be the best when banded shut. Trader Joe's soups are great too. Smoothies are kind of thick at first, but you can water them down. You also don't want any chunks or seeds at all at first. Best of luck! I'm 5 weeks out, and it went very well.