Thursday, September 20, 2012

Called my Surgeon Office

So this morning I called the lovely coordinator at my surgeons office. She has been really great with keeping me informed and guiding me towards having everything done in time for surgery.
I spoke with her about my issues with my bite and my issues with the orthodontist.

She called my surgeon and he told her that I shouldn't worry because he will do the surgery regardless. I guess my ortho told him they think I am surgery ready. I really hope this is the case as they said the same thing half a year ago and then I get told by my surgeon that my bite isn't open enough.

Well I have his word now so I'm going to leave it at that and see what happens on Monday.
I do find it a bit strange that they send me in so far in advance to have my surgical hooks put on and so far in advance to see the surgeon for my pre surgical. To those of you having surgery how far in advance are you getting your hooks?

Good new is the hospital got all my papers.

I'm a little worried about the IV for surgery and being alone in the room. I really hope they let someone come in with me for that as I am so not good with needles. I'd like to stay conscious until they actually have to knock me out.

Oh the joys. At least I will have lots of family there to fuss over me and make sure I have whatever it is that I need.

I have sort of mentally been avoiding the thought of my face changing after surgery. I guess I don't want to set myself up for picturing something that isn't accurate (like the horrible digital imaging the surgeons do). I'm going to try to clean up some more today and finish getting things ready for my mom.  I'm also going to head back to the bank to sign for my student line of credit for January. I have to have it approved by October, otherwise I will start getting charged payments as if I am out of school.

I really had no idea I would be doing this much running around so close to surgery but it seems like there are so many things I need to have done in order to have this surgery.

On an unrelated note, I dislocated my knee yesterday. I have a bad habit of sitting with my leg crossed under me. I felt a pain in my knee and I went to straighten it and I felt it shift in and out of the socket. Okay I know I get this issue with my jaw but this knee what probably on my top 5 most painful experiences. It's still very sore today but at least my clumsiness is occurring far before surgery and not leaving me disabled on surgery day.

I also have to remind Sean to fill out his passport papers. I don't think he realizes that if they call me as a guarantor and I am post surgery I won't be able to verify his age, or occupation very easily. His damn bird bit a hole through his passport, of course after I already got our plane tickets and our visas for Australia. Unfortunately I couldn't get a flight through LA. The issue was that if I book through an american airline of any sort I wouldn't have cancellation. I booked with Air Canada and I have cancellation that will only deduct $200 per direction. This flight being so close after surgery I didn't want to risk us losing over $4000 in the case that I have to stay back for any medical reason.

I'll be updating my supply list later with some new pictures.

Hope everyone is well, and I'm so excited for those of you who have recently had surgery and those of you having surgery in the near future. I feel like we are the next wave of jaw surgeries!


  1. I got my surgical hooks about two weeks in advance. I was supposed to have surgery in July, but I have to wait until December.. Unfortunately with the hooks still on. So I guess you could say that I got them on 5 months ahead of time =P

  2. Hi. Same for me, about two weeks in advance they put on the surgical hooks. It doesnt hurt or anything and they are not that visible so nothing to care about really. However I don´t know why they do it so many days before surgery. Maybe it´s for the inside of your lips to get used to them. They might scratch the inside of your lips a little so prepare with wax just in case.

    For the IV, don´t worry. Everything goes very quickly when you have entered the surgery room. I did not even notice that they put a needle in my arm. A piece of advice; focus on details in the surgery room. I tried to remember as many things as possible. What time was it, what my pulse was, number of people in the room and so on.

    I am now 18 days post double jaw surgery to correct open bite and overbite. The recovery has been quite good, except for a depression day 3 to 6 after surgery. Began to work halfdays 3 days ago and it was no problem. Will begin to work fulltime next week. I might get a genioplasty in 6-8 months to improve profile because the surgeon decided to evaluate the need for genioplasty when I am fully recovered from the double jaw surgery. I can now say that I need it, but not sure I will go through with it anyway. But 6 months to decide. Good luck with your surgery. I think you will have an amazing result.

  3. I've had my surgical hooks on since June 21 and will be having surgery on Oct. 1 and have only recently started having trouble with them rubbing on my lips. If you are concerned about the IV insertion, ask your surgeon BEFORE the day of the surgery to write you a prescription for an anti-anxiety med. Usually they will have you take one the night before, then one the morning of surgery. If you've read my blog, I passed out when they put in my IV and they cancelled surgery. This time, I have anxiety meds to take as a preventative measure.

  4. Had the hooks put on last week! I had to put wax on the bottom center hook for a couple of days and thats it. No problems with them at all (except for the rediculous amount of food that gets caught up on them!)

    Everything is moving quickly for me now! Surgery is Friday 9/28 at 2:00PM! Had my pre-surgical appointment with the OS on Monday, received all of my instructions, prescriptions, and info! I have been in touch with the hospital for pre-registration. I pick up all of my filled perscriptions today. Picked up all of my last minute supplies for recovery - AND - hired someone to come in and clean my house!! (My treat to myself!!)

    Getting a little jittery - but this will soon pass!!