Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Officially over 6 months post op woooooooooo

Hey all
So I suck at updating as usual
I just wanted to share whats going on with my jaws at this point post op.

I'm still numb in the same spots, my chin and lip.
Sometimes it bothers me because it feels like rubber, but most of the time I'm okay with it.
I'm thinking of trying acupuncture to bring back the feeling

My TMJ has been pretty good unless I'm stressed, then it just hurts.
I still have outbreaks out really bad pain but it's not as frequent as before.

I'm pretty sure my swelling is down a great deal.
I think I still have residual around my nose, I feel puffy in that area where most of the plates are.

Chewing is 100 times better, my teeth make contact!!

I go in on the 2nd of May for what might be my last appointment.
I'm hoping the braces come off really soon.
I'm just tired of food in my teeth all the time.
I can't wait to go out and eat without having to hide my mouth until I can check these damn things.

Otherwise I'm generally happy with the outcome. It's nice having a functioning jaw and not having to worry about surgery anymore. Now I'm back to being preoccupied with my life and feeling like school will never be over.
I graduate next year but still I'm just so tired of it.
I miss working :(

On the bright side recovery is going very well. I'll try to take some real pictures and do a good update one of these days.

Keep your fingers crossed that these braces come off soon. I'm sick of looking like i'm 15.

la dee da



  1. Do you find it difficult to put make up on the parts you're most numb? I don't think I dare try it just yet! :) You're looking great! xx

  2. You look amazing. Great result. What were your final surgical movements?

  3. Hi, just wondered how you kept your teeth SO white throughout the process? Mine are starting to look a bit faded after 4 years of braces and obviously using white strips etc isn't really an option with them on! May just have to wait til I get them off in 6 months :( Your results are so amazing - I have a really similar bite to your old bite & my surgery is in 12 days :D xxx

  4. You look fabulous - great post op pics!

    Thank you for posting your costs for your surgery - I was glad to have an insight of what I may get myself into.

    I had just had my first consultation for double jaw surgery, and am very excited to get this ball rolling.

    Thanks for keeping your blog updated. Please don't stop!

    Thanks again, can't wait to see more pics.



    1. Aw thank you!!!
      Thats really exciting that you are this great process.
      The time is going to fly by so fast and before you know it you'll be post op.
      Are you going to have a blog?

    2. Hey there, thanks for the response - really.

      I was really, really, really debating of doing a blog, but I'm super busy with work, and with my lack of time management skills, I don't think it would be plausible. Plus, my grammar and sentence structure are horrid - laugh out loud.

      Anyways, enough about me, thanks again for your eccentric blog, and keep up the stellar work!


      A fellow Cunuck.


  5. Hi there. I am considering jaw realignment surgery (I have a slight underbite/off-center bite), and came across your blog. It's truly helpful and inspiring! If you don't mind, I have a few questions. First, are braces the only option before and after surgery? If so, do you know on average how long they need to be on? A few years back when I was first considering surgery my orthodontist said 6 months pre-op and 6 post-op. Is there any way to reduce that time? (I've already had 3 painful years of braces!) Also, one of your videos mentions you had jaw surgery and genioplasty. Were those done together? If you don't mind, how was your chin altered?

    Thanks very much,