Thursday, September 19, 2013

Last damn orthodontist appointment I LOVE MY FACE

Sweet Jesus I hate going to my ortho.

I had to go for my 3 month appointment post braces removal. I actually cancelled the original and moved it. I knew the appointment would end badly considering I cracked my top retainer months ago but avoided hearing them blame it on me.

Anyway this stupid retainer wouldn't fit from the day I went to pick it up. It was torture getting it on and once it was on it was not coming off. I wore it every night as directly but the top came up to high and it wouldn't snap on.

Anyway it wasn't broken, just chipped from me constantly having to force it on. I went it and initially they said I'd have to pay $200 to replace it but then my ortho said to just do it for free and if it breaks again I have to pay the $200. I like my ortho even more now considering he didn't charge me $200 for a piece of plastic. They should just make doubles when people get braces and keep the backup in their office. Won't happen though, otherwise it would be too easy. I can only imagine how often kids go in there because they lost or broke their retainers. They must make a killing. I used to lose and break my retainers all the time in highschool. Once I forgot to put it in the case and my dog chewed it up. Probably the most expensive chew toy he has ever gotten.

Anyway they all went ohhh and awwwwwe when they saw my bite. It's a huge difference from before and I am sort of in love with all the changes. I feel pretty! I am almost a year post op and just the other day i noticed my jaw is more square. Weird, new changes all the time. It's awesome though. I'm loving it.


  1. I was going to ask you about your retainer. Do you have to wear the clear one like all day for a couple months? They said I have to wear mine for 9 months except when I'm eating pretty much and then just at night after that. I feel like that's overkill. What'd yours say? Goes without saying though you look amazing.

    1. Thank you :) I have to wear the retainers every night for the first 3 months, then 6 nights a week for the fourth month, 5 nights a week for the fifth, and 4 nights a week for the sixth, so on and so on until I reach 2 nights a week, then do that for the rest of my life. Just when I thought I could get away from ever seeing the ortho again. (well as long as I don't crack the retainer)
      They're the clear ones, like invisalign. I have lingual wires on top and bottom as well.

    2. That's not bad at all. I have no problem them wearing them every night even if it was forever. It's just annoying having to wear them during the day and I feel guilty when I don't now. Except when I go out! I have the clear ones right now but they said I'm getting another one when I go back in a month. I even picked a color so I'm picturing the old school one. We'll see though. Happy everything worked out for you though! Take Care.

    3. That's so weird they would switch you to the oldschool ones. My ortho said the clear work better because it's a true fit to your teeth. At this rate I'll be wearing them every night since the top one always feels tight.I think that means I'm still tongue thrusting.