Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Reality of Jaw Surgery

Hello readers!

I have been posting less and less over the year but I still want to update since the blogging community has been so good to me and has really been my rock when I was going through so much.

I am amazed how much time has passed since my surgery and how great life is not having to worry about my jaws anymore.

I've been so busy with life that i sometimes forget how much has changed and how fortunate I am. I feel truly blessed that everything has gone so well.

First off, something I want to share with all my jaw surgery buddies. As much as we want this surgery to lead to perfection, in reality, it doesn't. Not even for those with great results. It is a journey filled with challenges and we really have to choose our battles wisely and not let the small things take away our joy. I am more than happy with my results but I still don't have perfect results. I have permanent numbness in both my lip and chin. I've learned to accept the fact that this numbness will probably always be there. I also still get pressure and swelling in my upper plates. I wake up and feel sore some days. I'm still battling with tongue thrusting but wearing my retainers religiously in order to keep my teeth where they should be. Be demanding when it comes to having retainers after braces and make sure you're wearing them enough that they don't ever feel overly tight on you.

All of the above are things I've learned to accept. I don't let them take away my peace and I try to focus all my energy on the positive changes I've experienced. I have a bite that closes, I can chew almost anything, I don't have excruciating TMJ pain on a daily basis as I did for years.

This is all more than enough to make me feel forever grateful that I had this surgery and went through this long process.

Looking past jaw surgery, life has changed in so many ways. I feel so much more at peace that I can finally live my life normally and do the things I've wanted to do. I've been finding school so much more manageable not having TMJ issues. I feel like I can actually see the light at this point.

I will try my best to post a video soon. I think it shows much more accurately how much my face has changed.

I hope everyone is well. Also so excited to hear so much good news from the blogging community. I feel like so many of my jaw surgery buddies are experiencing so many positive changes in their lives and I hope we can all continue to update and share this joy.

Love you guys!!


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