Friday, July 15, 2011

Dear World, I now have a very slight but visible underbite

You just weren't kidding when you said expect changes. I can't even imagine where my teeth will be in another few months, let alone in 8 months when I'll be surgery ready!!!

I've been having a very difficult and challenging month so I haven't been as jaw obsessed as I have become this past year because life is just crazy sometimes. I posted a while ago about how my bite no longer appeared as open in the front as it had when I first got the braces put on and that seems to be because my class III malocclusion is now becoming apparent. When I run my finger across my front teeth I can feel my bottom teeth are much more forward than the top, and with my tongue I can only feel the edge of my top teeth when I close my mouth. I'm starting to look like a witch!


Since my bottom jaw is more prominent than my top I notice that the bones of my top jaw are really far back compared to my teeth which have been compensated over the years. This could be why my nose looks so damn big from the side! I just hope that resolves, at least slightly!

We did the warrior dash last weekend, its a 5km obstacle race, with a lot of hills!!! I can run 5km like nothing but running up and down steep hills the whole time was a challenge. I'm going to try to get a decent time in 2 years when I am fully recovered and breathing through my nose like a normal person!

I can't remember if there is anything elseeee hmmmmm
Oh yes!! the horrible archwire!!! so on the bottom left my archwire is sticking out about half a centimetre or more and my cheek keeps latching onto it. It really hurts!!! I still have a month until my next adjustment so if it gets any worse I'm going to call them and ask if I can come in and have it snipped. Also, my bottom tooth that was sideways is almost straight now, it looks so nice lined up with all its friends :)


  1. First: SOOOOOO jealous. The warrior dash is heading my way, and my sister, her boyfriend, her friend and her friend's husband are going to be participating. I really wanted to, but I still won't be recovered from surgery. Poo :( Looks like tons of fun.

    Now to the subject at hand. I'm sorry you have to deal with the whole "worse before better" thing. It must be very frustrating. The only consolation I have for you is that when all is said and done you will have one epically perfect bite! Hang in there!

  2. Hi Terra -
    My underbite has become very pronounced since the braces were put on, but I don't suspect that your underbite will get any worse...
    I agree with Nora on the "worse before better" thing. For me, it continues to be a reminder of why I need to get my bite fixed!
    Hang in there!

  3. Terra - I agree with Nora and Brent also about the "worse before better" thing. It seems that is something a lot of us must go through. If it's any consolation, I have had two teeth extracted in my mandible to allow for room to bring my lower jaw forward during surgery (if they hadn't been extracted, I'd have a Class III after surgery). Unfortunately, this has created a much larger overbite than I ever had before. And if I try to close my lips over my teeth which is getting progressively harder to do, what little chin I do have seems to disappear into my neck. :-( Anyway, I sympathize with what you are saying. You're still a VERY beautiful woman though and I have no doubts that you will be pleased with the aesthetics of your smile and facial shape post-surgery. Hang in there!!


  4. @ nora: The warrior dash is so fun! Actually I have to admit i feel totally bummed out about not being able to do it next year since my boyfriends going to attempt doing really good. I didn't try my hardest in fear of falling and either ripping my mouth apart with braces or hurting my jaw somehow. sounds crazy but I just so want to have no problems with this surgery.

    @ brent: i've only had my braces since mid april so i feel like this journey is full of dental surprises! My underbite is much worse on the right side, the side I don't chew with at all, so I'm worried i'm going to have a horribly obvious crossbite. It's all worth it though in the name of having good jaws.

    @Tara: I have to admit, i'm lucky that most of my jaw issues aren't too obvious, probably why it took me so long to realize how much i need this surgery. It really is hard dealing with the facial changes getting to that process and I find it so motivating to hear that people like yourself are going through the same thing. Feels so good to know that there are people to relate to :)

  5. Be patient, my dear! You are sooooo beautiful now, even with your underbite. It does get worse before it gets better. I am very much looking forward to your transformation because I really believe you are going to be breath-taking! You already are! I'd kill for your eyes and teeth, girl!!

  6. Mine is worse on the right side too!! wayyyy worse, thats strange:) my bite is kind of like an exagerated version of yours!haa
    I feel your pain about the worsening bite situation, but that must be hard to come to terms with when you never had an underbite before...but wellcome to the club hehee! and I so agree with what everyone has been saying, your already so beautiful:) and the underbite is really very slight, it wouldn't be noticable to the untrained eye!!xoxox