Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank you and keep in touch

Just a quick little post here
I just wanted to say thank you to all the amazing people I have come across throughout this process so far, the emotional support is a lot more important than I ever thought it would be.
I just want to tell anyone out there who is feeling down about it, or is just questioning everything right now that everything will get better.
Its amazing how we can't predict what will happen in life.
There were times early in this process when I thought I had it all and everything was going for me. Then came times when everything fell apart, when I couldn't stand my family, and there were personal issues evolving and relationship issues. There were times when I realized how important some people are and how some people were never there for me in the first place.
Its an amazing journey and I still wouldn't trade it for the world.
I've become closer to people who value me and appreciate me for my good and my bad. People who accept me the way I am and don't want me to change anything about myself.

Please do this much for yourself, if someone is bringing you down through all this, don't let them in, don't let them affect the way you see yourself. This is a huge challenge, having your appearance change, and the pain involved and all the other emotions and fears. There is nothing easy about it, but we chose this for a reason, because we know we're important enough to deserve the best quality of living and we want to be the best we can be.

Be strong and when you feel down, remember the people who pick you up.

Also, I have a lot of readers who have been really awesome and if any of you want to stay in contact with me either to talk about jaw surgery or just because we've gone through similar experience and found each other supportive, I am more than happy to stay in contact via facebook or email.
My email is I don't check it too often, maybe once a week or more, but I should be found on facebook via this email address too.

I hope you guys are having a nice transition away from or into summer depending on where in the world you live. I value you all so much more than you'll ever know.



  1. You ROCK!!! What a great way to start the week:)

  2. Very well said!! I agree and know how you feel. I hope you are doing fantastic! It sounds like you are and your surgery will be here before you know it!

  3. terraaaa I couldn't find you on facebook, this is mine if you want to add me!:)!/profile.php?id=691157658