Friday, September 23, 2011

Braces Update

Hey guys. I made a video yesterday. I also went to my orthodontist today to see what we could do about the horrible tmj pain I'm having.
Basically at this point nothing can really be moved or i'm just going to have more pain.
Originally I had planned to do the surgery in april or may, but because of the amount of pain i'm having I've decided I'm going to do the surgery at the closest available date instead. I'll somehow make it work with school because I am at a point where my headaches and tmj pain are so frequent its affecting my everyday life.

This is in no way rushing the actual process, as I was already going to be surgery ready by december, I just didn't want to do it at that time for a combination of reasons. At this point I am weighing the pros and cons and I would rather do it sooner than later, depending on when I can get a surgery date.
Hope you guys are doing well.
Thanks for all your support and comments.



  1. That's totally understandable to get the surgery ASAP. I'm in the same position now, and the pain and discomfort is beginning to be too much to handle. I'm also going to try and have my surgery in December as opposed to next year, since it's getting difficult to focus on anything other than my jaw. Good luck with everything!

  2. People always tell me that there's nothing wrong with my face too, and it's not like I think I'm really ugly in general or anything, but I know that the way my jaw affects my appearance really affects my self-perception and self-esteem, and I know I'll be a lot happier with how I look once it's fixed. You are already very pretty but having your jaw issues fixed will balance out your features nicely and I'm sure you will be even prettier :)

  3. Terra, I really hope that you'll be able to get a surgery date soon. It is awful to be in pain and I hope you don't have to wait too much longer for surgery. Keep us posted!

  4. Max: it feels like the hardest thing ever waiting for the surgery date!! I agree with you 100%. My life revolves around my jaws now!

    Sarah: I really can't wait for the surgery to be over so that people can see the difference in how a face should look. lol You probably feel that same type of annoyance when people try to reassure you that you look they way you're suppose to even though we've been told by our orthodontists and surgeons that our features are not balanced. Did you have digital imaging done?

    Ellie: Thanks a lot! keeping fingers crossed :)