Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tomorrow is a Big Day!!

Hey everyone, I've been a little MIA since its time for midterms. School has been really busy but I wanted to just update a little and also ask if anyone could vote for pookie
Just click the link and give him a vote, its a casting call for fido and pookie is just too damn cute, thought he deserved a chance, they also donate money for every vote so its all for a good cause.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm having an adjustment and I'm getting x-rays done and I'm booking my surgery!!!!
Everyone keep there fingers crossed that it all works out well.


Ok I need to know, how much time do I need to heal? Realistically how long will it be until I can go back to school? I want to have the surgery as soon as possible because the TMJ pain is so bad and the headaches are every other day now. I just want to make sure that whenever I book the surgery I have enough time to heal. Any advice would be sooooo helpful!!

I'll update tomorrow and let everyone know whats happening.
Thanks everyone for all the support, it makes this whole process sooooo much easier!!
Hope everyone is well!


  1. Heya hun! Good luck with tomorrow! They say to take two weeks off because you will be quite swollen, especially the first week. But see how you feel because obviously not being able to eat what your used to, you feel a bit pants and tired lol. I had a lot of milkshake like yazoo or frijj do get some sort of vitamins and stop me feeling hungry. Good luck with surgery! You will be fine! x

  2. Hey Terra! I would say 2.5-3 weeks, I went back to school after about a month but I had my surgery over winter break so I planned to have more time. I did enjoy the more time off but it wasn't completely necessary. You probably will still be a little swollen, weak and possibly sore but I think you would be able to manage after 2.5-3 weeks. The worst part is trying to eat.. you just have to make sure that you are getting enough nutrients and such to keep your body going and you should be able to handle it. I drank those Carnation Instant Breakfast things a lot, probably twice a day for the first two and a half weeks, because they were the one of only things that were decent to eat. Sorry I don't know if that was helpful at all. Good luck with tomorrow!!

  3. Sounds like around 2-3 weeks is pretty normal. My surgeon told me about 2 weeks but I wasn't sure if he was just being really optimistic. If I have the surgery during the winter I'd like to go back to classes as soon as possible but I'm very worried about falling behind because of the workload. If I do it in April (hoping I can live with the pain until then) then I will be able to take all the time in the world off.
    Thanks so much for the advice guys!! And Jamie, that sounds like a good idea, I'll have to stock up on meal replacements before the surgery.

  4. 2.5-3 weeks is perfect.