Wednesday, February 13, 2013

131 days post op

I have been really bad for not posting on here. I really need to make a new video too.

Anywhoo sometimes no news is good news. As is the case. The braces are doing their job and my bite is doing well.
I need to see my speech therapist but haven't gotten around to it yet.

It's amazing what the surgery does. My face looks so normal now. I'm just generally happy with it.
I don't have headaches. Thankfully after I've healed from the last surgery I've been feeling really good.
I will try to post soon with a real post.

Look at that chin! Damn! I've never had a chin like this. I love it!


  1. Surgery is truely amazing, any surgery in itself is! Looking great :) goodluck with the rest of your braces!

  2. Hey Terra, your blog has answered SO many of my questions so thank you for that :) I am having double jaw surgery and I live in Toronto to, I was wondering what surgeon you went to, your results look great, you must be so glad its over with. Hope all is well !

  3. Terra I don't want to make you feel stressed out but if you are still tongue thrusting I would seriously delay getting those braces off!!!!! Seriously!!! You should go to the speech therapist asap and start tongue exercises because I can tell you from first hand experience and from all the research I have done online, that your bite WILL open up. It might not be much, but it WILL. The tongue puts pressure on the top teeth every time you reverse swallow, eventually leading to distortion of the upper arch. I am so annoyed I didn't get ontop of my tongue thrusting straight after my surgery because it has slightly relapsed and there are some thinfs I still cant bute theough properly because of the open gab. If you go to a mayo facial myologist they will give you facial/tongue muscle exercises to help correct the swallowing. I've been seeing somone for a few months now but it won't correct the damage already done. Once the braces come off you have nothing to counteract the pressure of the tongue. Anyways sorry to sound so negative but I wish someone had warned me about how serious it was to get corrected.

  4. *food I can't bite through. Sorry about all the typos. I was typing really fast on my phone.