Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last Adjustment

Hey readers,


Wanted to do a little update.
So I went to see the ortho yesterday and it looks like next time I go in I'm getting booked to have my braces removed. I don't think I ever planned this far ahead, it's like a surprise.

With jaw surgery you get so used to the braces that they become part of you, you forget that they're only temporary.

A part of me is scared that when they come off stuff is going to shift, but my jaw seems pretty stable.

I did have a little issue. This past week I was getting a migraine again which  freaked me out because those were caused by my TMJ issues. It looks like it was from my molars no longer touching on the side where I had the underbite. My ortho put me in bands again and the headache is gone. I'm wearing many different bands. I have two fred bands and a ken band. My ortho gives me bands with man names, weird... who comes up with this stuff?

Rhianna:  In reply to your question about the bite opening again. I still tongue thrust and haven't been able to get back to speech therapy yet because of the infection and second surgery I had. This is a big concern for me too. I'd def go see a speech therapist asap and try to fix the tongue posture so things don't get worse, it hasn't been that long so maybe things will shift back without having to do anything. I remember talking to a girl once who was going through speech therapy to fix her open bite. I guess with the tongue where it should be the teeth will move back. Not 100% sure how this works but I'm going to try to stick with speech therapy too. 


I'm back at university full time now that my jaw issues are over with. It's been hard adjusting back after taking time off for surgery and recovery. I'm in my 3rd year of accounting and I'm taking five courses which is a pretty heavy work load. I have seven midterms in February alone, starting this weeked. Thats the thing with my school, all my midterms on on the weekend. It's like horrible torture. I'm planning on doing summer terms to make up for the time I had off and that way I can graduate next summer.

I've hardly had time to do anything with school going on. I've been up until 2 or 3 am every night doing work, then I get up and do it all over again.

Me drugged up after having my second surgery. I'm starting to get used to this look. 

My drugs post surgery number two, I think I could open my own pharmacy with all the pills I've accumulated. 

The stuff my surgeon wanted me to squirt up the hole and into my cheek after the tube came out, yeah right buddy. 

Hope you guys are all doing well.
Once again I just want to say I am so grateful to all my bloggers, youtube, facebook jaw surgery buddies. :)



  1. Hi Terra. Good news about the braces coming off soon. I agree that somedays my braces seem a normal part of life. I think I'll miss mine a little when I have them taken off.
    Sorry to hear of the migraines returning. I experience very bad headaches with my TMJ but I've been lucky enough not to have suffered with migraines.
    I forgot that you are studying Accountancy. It's what I studied at uni too. I did a Masters in it. I'm actually studying with CIMA now to become qualified. I'm still a few years away as I'm struggling to get the necessary experience. There isn't many suitable jobs around in the UK just now.
    Good luck with your studying :)

  2. Terra you poor thing! I hadn't realised what you had to go through with the second surgery too. And that drainage tube is crazy!

    I think you've had enough drugs there to last you a life time lol.
    We can't wait to see your brace-less smile - I imagine you'd feel a sense of completion?

    Good luck with your studies!

  3. When they told me my braces were coming off I was so surprised too! Finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

  4. Although your speech is still discernable after a jaw surgery, it is important that you slow down on your speech rate, concentrate on each word, and be willing to try repeatedly. Speech will only improve by repeated attempts on your part to talk and be understood.

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