Friday, January 25, 2013

Changes Since Surgery

Hey guys, wanted to post and update on a few things.

So today for the first time I have a migraine, I feel a little down because of this but I'm hoping it's just a result of the recent surgery I had and not anything to do with my TMJ issues coming back.
I noticed after my second surgery that my jaw got really tight again. I couldn't even open to two fingers.
My progression was doing really good prior to that.
I guess I'll have to take it easy, take some painkillers, and hope it goes away. I was on T3's and some other painkillers since the second surgery so maybe coming off of them now I'm feeling the effect of the surgery.

I start midterms in a week and need to not have migraines because I'm getting up their in my degree and my courses are all pretty difficult.
I have a ton of work to do tonight but I haven't started yet as I'm trying to kick this headache. I just took an extra strength Advil for migraines but if that doesn't work I'll take a T3 in a few hours.

I really want to post some good before and after pictures so you guys can see the big difference. At first I had a really hard time adjusting but now I look at old pictures and I'm like THANK GOD!!!!
My jaw was just so crooked and all over the place. My bones looked like they didn't fit my skin.

I'm so happy thats over


  1. I hope your headache goes away miss

    1. thank you :) turned out my molars weren't touching anymore so my ortho banded me again and the headache disappeared.