Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blogging life

Hello friends,

I was thinking about the fact that my jaw surgery adventure is coming to an end.
It feels so bittersweet. This blog has been my friend that has always been there to listen.
I shared my joy with you guys, I shared my pain, my frustration, and all my ups and downs.

I was thinking that it's time to start a second blog, a general blog.
I don't want to lose the ability to go to my blog and post what I'm feeling or whats going on, and I can't post everything on a jaw surgery blog forever.

I'll share the new blog once it's up and running.

Meanwhile I want to say thank you to all of you.
It's been so good having so many people to share stories with and to hear me out.
I feel blessed.

Jaw surgery related
I got my drainage tube out on Monday morning. Not sure if I posted yet.
Well it came out really easy, they cut the stitches and pulled the tube out.
Then I was left with the hole in my face. So I have a hole in the upper incision line that leads into my sinus. I don't understand anatomy and therefore can't explain why this is but if I drink water and hold it in my mouth, it goes up the hole and out through my nose. Hopefully this is a temporary side effect and this whole thing will close up soon.

Good news is the infection is gone and the swelling is going down. I have had one swollen cheek for over 3 months now and finally I can say my face is getting symmetrical.

I am so happy with my face and the whole outcome. I am so comfortable with myself that I don't even care about makeup anymore. I never left the house without makeup before! Now I put on some foundation and mascara and I'm out. Sean is loving it because it used to take me an hour to get ready and now it takes me 5 minutes. I also stopped straightening or curling my hair. I'll still do it on special days but most of the time I just don't care. It's so nice having an extra hour of sleep in the morning.

I haven't had migraines!! Still very happy to say that my jaw related pain is gone, the surgery was a success. It's so good to be post op. I still have a hard time recognizing myself to an extent. I think I look really different but in a good way. I sort of look like I used to when I was younger.


  1. Hi Terra, the hole thing sounds a little scary. Like you say, I'm sure it will heal up quickly.

    Please don't forget to post you new blog so we/I can follow!

    I'm so happy for you to now love who you are and feel so comfortable with yourself. You must feel a little like 'now I can finally start living!'

  2. First, you look great!!!! And i'm so glad that you've gained confidence from this whole experience; I hope its the same fo rme. Also, your sinus is separated from your mouth by your top jaw. It sounds like the doctor put a tube directly from your mouth, over your top jaw, and into your sinus to drain it that's probably why it comes out your nose! lol But i'm so glad that you're doing well and happy with your results. I just had my jaw surgery earlier this month-today makes 3 weeks-, and your blog has helped me SO much! I feel so confident now that i'm gonna love my results too. :)I can't wait to follow your new blog!

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  4. Hey Tarra,

    You look so amazing!! I'm sorry I haven't been commenting much on your recovery posts but I've been massively battling along with all my jaw/teeth issues. I wanted to ask you if you ever had a tongue thrust prior to braces and if so, did you receive treatment?. I still have a bloody tongue thrust which I believe has opened up my bite and is causing me so many issues with breathing and swallowing etc. Nothing feels normal and I'm really scared!!!! I've become severely depressed as its also triggering tmj. My jaw constantly clicks and locks. So happy you've had such a positive result thus far.

  5. Hey Terra, I'm so pleased that you have the tube out and are on the mend. I'm also really pleased that you're loving your new face, I love mine too! It was so worth it! It's weird that you said about the make-up thing because this morning as I was putting on my make-up I was thinking about how I don't feel the need to put as much on now, like today I'm literally just wearing foundation, powder and mascara, which is hardly anything for me! I also tie my hair up now rather than straightening it all the time, whereas pre-surgery I would NEVER wear my hair up in public because I just felt like it make my ugly side face even more noticeable! I must admit it's so nice to look in the mirror and feel pretty and content with your appearance, and I also agree with you that I look more like I did when I was younger now!