Thursday, August 18, 2011

Braces Adjustment Update (August 2011)

Hello Hello!

Me and my nephew Miko 

I am sitting here with a jar full of M&Ms. My favourite chocolate.
I just got back for the orthodontist not too long ago. I do have some news, not a lot of news, but still news.

First off, I found out that my bite is coming together very well and I will be surgery ready sooner than expected. This time a new orthodontist was there, along with Dr G(my awesome orthodontist). Anyway the assistant changed all my elastics and I have 4 teeth that are wired around the bracket to help move them faster. The assistant was one I haven't had before and she was so nice, I really hope I get her again.

I talked to the new orthodontist who was very relieved to see that I am having jaw surgery, he initially got scared when he saw my bite. He said it looks like its coming along well. Then Dr G wanted to see me and how my progress has been. He said that my bite looks better than expected and that next time I go in we will do some type of special appointment where I will have more x-rays taken and they will check to see if any f the brackets need to be adjusted. At this time I can BOOK MY JAW SURGERY!!!

I'm really excited about this, as you can tell. My bite looks so different now too. Its totally different from the past few months and from what it was before I had the braces. I'm really excited to see how it changed come my next appointment. At this point, my next appointment is on October 17th, I might have to change it depending on school since I'm still picking up courses. Anyway thats in 9 weeks.

Other Stuff

So I start classes again in a couple weeks and I have an exam left from the summer that I had to defer. I don't know when this exam is going to be, so that sucks. Other than that things have been good. I stayed downtown with the boyfriend for our two year anniversary. Tonight we're going to have a BBQ and I'm hoping I can at least chew a little bit after this adjustment. My little pookie bear might have a bath tonight since he is a smelly little guy. 

I'm going to make a video showing my bite one of these days so everyone can see how much it changed.  Maybe I'll put a clip from my old videos in it as a comparison. Oh and I want to show the massage techniques that I learned. Its very cool, I had no idea that a RMT could work on the jaw! I'll be going back to her pre and post op to help my muscles go back to normal and hopefully help gain mobility faster. 

I have had a lot of people ask in my videos about speech therapy, but I haven't started that yet. I'm going to wait until I have the surgery so that I can actually put my tongue where its suppose to go. My thrusting has improved though, and I really suggest that anyone in this early process try to correct that on their own as early as possible. Its a pain at first but its gotten a lot easier. 


  1. Congratulations on being able to book your surgery!! The time will fly by and the date will be here before you know it!

    I am interested in the massage therapy techniques that you learned for the jaw. I will have to try them once I am healed a little more. My jaw is still a little sesitive to pressure but in a week or to they would probably be very helpful!

  2. Oooo, congrats! Can't wait to hear when your special day will be! You are your bf look super cute together. :-)