Monday, August 15, 2011

Massage therapy and my jawssss

Hey Everyone!!

I just wanted to make an update regarding something pretty cool. I went to get a massage today, and to my surprise, there are massages for the jaw and mouth area. She taught me how to massage the muscles around the TMJ and other areas of the mouth since I've had a lot of tension in there areas which has been causing really bad headaches and pain. I'll explain the exercises in a video when I have time. 

I'm going for an adjustment on wednesday. I'm pretty excited about that! Hoping I can book my surgery!!
Some quick updates since my last video. Me and the bf are good. According to him we never broke up. Anyway we worked out our issues and things have been really good. Tomorrow is our two year anniversary. Hoping for a nice and relaxing day! 

I'll update on thursday once I know whats happening with my braces, and jaws and all that jazz. 


  1. Thanks, Terra, cannot wait to check out the video with the exercises!

  2. Hi Terra, I hope you're doing're progress has been amazing, congrats. I wanted to ask you something. I'm about to start the same process you're undergoing; and I also do have a tongue thrusting issue. I just started seeing a speech therapist in order to correct the problem. However, did your speech therapist tell you approximately how long it takes to fix it? How long have you been in therapy? Thank you very much for your reponse...Alexx

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