Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hey everyone, this is a video I took on monday as an update. There seems to be a lot of progress when it 
comes to my jaws. I've just recently started getting TMJ pain again, it subsided for a while but now I feel a 
lot of tension on both sides of my jaw. I'm hoping this doesn't get any worse and that I can manage it as my surgery is still a bit away.

the braces aren't so bad anymore, I feel less like they have become a part of me and more like they are 
transition just helping me get back to who I am.Just for those of you know don't know, my bite started to 
open a couple years ago, it stayed pretty closed,or compensated I should say, up until then. I started 
getting a lot of pain at that point and I didn't understand why it was happening. I'm looking forward to 
this process.
A big eye opener hit me today. I was responding to a youtube comment and I saw that the video 
(my open bite) which was my first jaw video was posted by me 6 months ago!! I can't believe its 
been that long since I started this process!the past 6 months have been the most challenging times for me. 
I really had to learn to deal with a lot of new things and realize that this transition is temporary.

I am very grateful for all the support I have received from my viewers and followers, and from those people 
in my life who have reassured me along the way. I had no idea how much I was taking on by undergoing 
this process. I really do wish the surgery was sooner, and although my teeth may be ready, I have to wait 
a couple more months from when I will be ready. Its not too long really.

I go back to school next week and I will be very busy with that. I have one final left from my summer 
courses that i had to defer, so that will be around the end of september. The thing I like about school 
starting up again is that it keeps me so busy that the year will go by so fast and before I know it I will 
be updating about my recovery.I don't fear the risks or complications anymore, I'm not worried about 
the possibilities, just ready for it to be done.

Life is really teaching me to have patience right now and I've recently learned so much about myself 
and the type of person I am. I have to admit, I am so proud of myself for being everything I am and 
for never letting myself down or trying to be someone I'm not. Someday I know my big heart and my 
compassion and devotion will do me good. Right now it feels like its only brought me more pain, but I 
really believe that someday I will be appreciated by someone. Maybe 2012 will be my year, maybe 
turning 25 will be my change.

Someday everything will be better

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  1. I know what you mean about being slighly worried about the feeling of your front teeth making contact, I can't imajine it AT ALLL... mine are soo far from each other it'll feel so wierd! I can't wait though:) I think it'll probably feel really right actually, because it's not like BAM your teeth are meeting, because you'll be numb and banded shut for so long that it'll feel more like a gradual thing i think:)
    My underbite is so bad now I hate it, and I'm starting to hate having photos from the side which i didn't really mind before but now I look reallly gross I just can't wait until I never have to think about it again after the surgeryy!! that'll be the best hahaa