Monday, November 7, 2011


Hey everyone.
I promise I will respond to my comments soon.
I've been slacking

Just wanted to update,
I have been taking T3s to deal with the pain, yes I have a bunch left from my wisdom teeth surgery and I'm taking those because extra strength advil and tylenol does nothing at all now.
and I have like 5 million things due for school the next month, and I have zero time to be suffering from TMJ pain and headaches.

I really wish some people in my life understood what its like to have horrible jaw pain allll the time!!!
It takes a huge chunk of my life in a way people don't understand. the lack of sleep, the trouble focusing, the avoiding noise, and crowds and anything that makes the headaches worse.
On top of all this I really do spend all of my time on school because by the end of it i'm so tired and sore that i just want to go to my bed and lay there with a hot pack under my jaw.
I'm so tired to having to apologize to friends for not being able to go out and do things, and yes cancelling on short notice because of my jaw pain. Unfortunately I can't determine when and how much pain I'll be in on a day to day basis.

Oh how I wish I could be like any normal 25 year old, and not have to worry about this annoying jaw and keep wishing that I'll get a damn surgery date.
Never in a million years would I have thought I would WANT to have surgery, and trust me I want this so bad.
My bottom jaw is clearly on sideways now. It looks so weird. I spend a lot of time looking at it in the mirror, trying to understand why it is off to one side, how do these things happen?
Anyway my disk on one side is either sliding out or really swollen or both. I can feel it when I touch my jaw. The other side is just so beyond messed up. It feels really good to open it and hear it crack but it just ends up giving me more pain afterwards.

I do realize how lucky I am to have only a jaw issue and not some seriously illness. I am grateful for that indeed.
But this is my little rant place and when I know no one else in the world will understand, I come here.
Thanks for listening


  1. I read this and I totally know how you feel. I feel like when I tell people about my jaw issues, nobody takes it seriously because it's not a visible injury to them. I hope you start getting some relief soon...

  2. I can relate to everything you wrote, Terra. I've cancelled on so many plans with friends, and I don't think many of them realize that talking is sometimes the last thing I want to do because of the pain. I realize that they really can't understand that jaw problems are constant, and all I can do is hope that they don't take it personally. But I think there's a lot to learn about the people around you from the way they react to your jaw issues.

    Just remember-it's temporary, and in the grand scheme of life, this waiting is a very short amount of time!

  3. Hang in there!! Six months is right around the corner!

  4. Ohhhh i know how you feel :/, 5 years braces and i finally got my own double jaw and genoplasty date. So its only a matter of time for you as well :) Bellieve it or not the ortho intentionally are suppose to make your bite worse so your new smile can fit in place

  5. Do not apologize for everything. Your true friends understand your problems:)

    you look so beautiful as a brunette!