Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hey everyone!
So I'm learning more and more to just accept the braces and just deal with it.
It does suck.
So I had a pretty good week, super busy but finally made time to go out and have fun for once.
I don't know why but it still surprises me when guys try to talk to me even though I have the braces.
It sort of makes me even happier for all of this to be over.
I feel like my life has changed in so many ways the past while.
The whole jaw surgery process in itself is a huge change, I was always really happy with myself and having braces and now a lisp that gets worse all the time is pretty annoying.
Oddly enough most people say its cute, meh!

I'm thinking that this next year I'm going to just really focus on myself and while going through this whole process I'm going to try to change other things for the better too.
I feel like I'm rambling.....
anyway I didnt take any pictures because I look very gross right now. My bite is so off now.

The one thing I hate about the clear braces is that when the elastics discolour it makes my teeth look yellowish. ewww
Anyway guys I go to the orthodontist on the 7th of December and I'm hoping hes like "Yes you are ready for surgery!!!"
Otherwise i'm going to go home and cry because I will never be out of these braces.
Thanks for reading my nonsense.


  1. It's not a huge shock, you look good braces or not!
    Just hang in there, I've always thought about braces as a means for surgery. Once it's over, it's over.

    I have them until this summer :(

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  3. Terra, don't be so down on yourself. You are truly beautiful - like Gordon said, braces or not. I know that when you feel something is so horribly wrong with yourself it's almost as though the people telling you otherwise are lying, but I promise we are all genuine when we say that. I had braces twice, and I'll be getting them again in the future. It's all part of this insane process, but it will be so worth it when it's over. Hold on girl, you can do this!