Monday, January 23, 2012

M.I.A. month

Hey readers!!

I have really gone missing this past month, haven't updated and haven't responded to emails or comments in weeks. Bad bad Terra!!!

Since school went back on the 3rd I have been drowning in work. I'm a Business students specializing in Accounting and the workload is very heavy. I'm trying to do more of my CA required courses instead of just filler stuff like HR so its been really busy this term.

I'm also tutoring astronomy and unfortunately the tutors who were also tutoring for the natural science department in astronomy have stopped tutoring so I've had to pick up more students.

My jaw is so so. Some days its a pain, and other days not so bad. I think being back in school and talking less is helping too. I did get a juicer which was awesome but my dad managed to break a piece and i'm waiting for it to come in. So no juice for a few weeks.

I promise I will get around to going through all my emails and messages and comments one day soon. I have 3 midterms coming up and two papers due so I may continue to me MIA for a while.

I have an orthodontist appointment next week so I will try to make a video with the details and I'm sure I'll update soon with the details of how that goes.

Also I thought this was appropriate considering what a pain cleaning braces is. This first world problem has a whole new meaning for us brace faces.

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