Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Orthodontist Adjustment Update and some good news for once

Hey Everyone!!
Okay, so I had an appointment today with my orthodontist.
My usual ortho was there today, Dr. G.
Not much went on, I just had my powerchains changed.
I have two gaps in the lower teeth that need to close.

Okay now onto some good news!!
So Dr. G gave me the okay to book my jaw surgery!!
He said I should be ready to go for May.
I called my surgeons office and I'm waiting for them to call back in regards to a surgery date.
It looks like I'll have to go in sometime soon and let Dr. C(my surgeon) see my bite for himself.

Well I am very very excited and nervous and everything!!!!
I can't believe how fast a whole year went by!!!
Its amazing how much can happen in a year and how much we can change.

I feel so bad because I have a ton of emails and comments that I haven't responded to on my youtube and my blog. My youtube has hit over 600 subscribers and over 180000 video views. So I'm glad that someone out there finds my story useful. I decided to keep track of my story because a year ago when my jaw was going weird on my and I was soooo confused about what to do, I watched every video I could find and read every single blog on the planet. So hopefully my blog and videos clarifies something for someone.

I notice a lot of changes in my face. I for sure haven't lost weight but my face is more concave, I'm looking like a skeleton face at time, which sucks because I always had a fullness to my face, so its like a face I don't recognize. My chin has disappeared. I see old pictures of my profile and I had much more of a chin, maybe its the underbite but my chin is more convex and when I talk it appears as if my chin is gone.

Other than that I am sooooo busy in my day to day life, which is great because I can sleep for once from being so tired. I notice that sleep is a necessity with my jaw issues. If I don't get enough sleep the pain is a lot worse and I just feel headachy all day. I have been rarely taking painkillers, and I'm trying very hard to relax my jaw.
I have midterms for the next two weeks and lots of appointments and I'm tutoring so I've had no time for anything. I'm really really hoping I get my damn surgery date though.
AAHHHHHHHHHHH I don't know if I should smile or cry!!!!

Excuse my update photos, I haven't bothered to bother with my appearance, and my hair and makeup is at its minimal mess.

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  1. Congrats on getting the OK from your OD to schedule your surgery! WOO HOO!! I can't wait to see your results! I read your other post about having issues with your Surgeon's office staff. I have found it helpful if I have to call back later to ask who I'm speaking to, if they'll be there later in the day, and if they have a direct line I can reach them at. It's really frustrating because it seems like they could care less if they forgot to cal you back, and you have to do all the legwork and following up.